The Carpenter

Moving on the letter C, here’s the third part of the A to Z Challenge.

The Carpenter


New Athens

Fifteenth day, third month, first year after colonisation, Ariadne Era (3/15/01 AE)


Cameron stopped his work fitting the joint on the house. “What’s up, Sam?”

The tall supervisor strode across the construction site holding a block of wood. “Check this out. I swear you’ve never seen wood like this.”

Sam tossed the wood to Cam. The block slipped out of his hand and landed with a thud on the ground. “That’s heavy. What is this?”

“Heard about the big tree they found a few days ago?”

“Yeah. This is it?” said Cam. He picked up the wood and tested the weight. “Feels like concrete, not wood.”

“See what you can do with it. Nails, chisels, saws. They had to use a laser cutter to get this piece.”

“You’re not kidding, are you?” he said eyeing the wood. “Okay, I’ll see if it’s usable.”

Cam picked up the nail gun with his gloved hands. He positioned the gun vertically and pulled the trigger. A cloud of dust accompanied the crack of the gun. He pulled the gun away and saw a blunt nail sitting against the block of wood.

“This is harder than concrete. This would go through concrete.”

“See? This wood is harder than anything I’ve seen, except maybe diamond,” said Sam.

“I’ll give the chisel a go.” He pulled off his gloves and took the chisel and hammer from his tool belt. He tapped the chisel and it slid along the wood. No marks. He hit the chisel harder. He shouted in pain as his hand punched the wood and the hammer pounded his thumb.

“I guess this isn’t very usable,” said Sam.

Chisel and Wood



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