A to D Challenge

With the A to D Challenge finished, I can now focus on the E to J Challenge. Oh, that doesn’t exist, does it?  Okay, the first four days of the A to Z Challenge finished, and Sunday is a break.  It resumes Monday from the letter E.

Over the first four days of April I’ve learned something.  I’m able to maintain writing for this challenge far better than I could with NaNoWriMo.  Not only that, I have absolutely no plan.  There is no end to this story.  It’s just a string of related stories that take place on humanity’s first colony outside the solar system.  They’re learning new things and starting a new life.  I envy them, to be honest.  It would be amazing to be part of something like that.

Well, tomorrow is the continuation.  Any idea what job E stands for?



My favourite colour is blue. Cobalt blue, to be exact. I discovered my love for this colour through copper II sulfate, which is a slightly lighter shade of blue, but I like both.

But green is what makes me feel like I have energy. Especially the green of new spring leaves. And the time for that green is now. The above picture is the new leaves of hydrangea. They’re quite vivid, aren’t they?