The Nurse

Things are getting pretty heated in this installment of the A to Z Challenge.  The letter N is here, and in this story, a couple big events are happening.

The Nurse


New Athens

Twenty-sixth day, eleventh month, first year after colonisation, Ariadne Era (11/26/01 AE)

“We need a doctor,” said the security officer, or what passes for Ariadne’s police force. He brought in a man with a bandaged-up face. Sandra Davis, the nurse on duty, thought his face must be a mess.

“Let me take a look. The doctor will be ready shortly,” she said. She got a better look at the patient’s face. “Luc? Is that you?”

Luc Primeaux looked at her with his right eye. “Sandra?” he said.

“What did you do this time? You’re always doing this,” said Sandra.

“He was trying to cut that big tree with a diamond-edged rotary saw,” said the security officer. “That wood is so strong it broke the blade and it went flying into his face.”

“Idiot. You are an idiot, Luc.”

“Do you know each other?” asked the officer.

“We dated in high school.” She shook her head. “Always getting himself into trouble. This is the worst thing yet.”

“Stop talking about me as if I’m not here,” said Luc. “Help me, damn it.”

“I’ll just check under the bandage,” she said. She lifted the bandage from his face and couldn’t hold back her shock. She inhaled sharply. “What have you done?” she whispered. Two pieces of the blade were embedded in his face, one just to the left of his nose, the other straight through his left eye.

The doors opened with a bang and a woman was wheeled into the hospital on a stretcher. Sandra looked at Luc and said, “I’ll get the doctor, but I need to check on that patient first.” She ran to the woman who breathed heavily. She was in labour. Then she noticed who she was.

“Doctor Knight!”


Strange Thought

Today, we’re going to Ikea in Shin-Yokohama. I then thought about something. Something you might think strange, funny, or insightful. It’s your choice.

Choose your own adventure books are like Ikea, there are many ways to put it all together, by only one way is correct.

Lame? Corny? Silly?

Also, the A to Z Challenge for today will be done later. So don’t worry, it’s coming. And a lot is happening in that part!