The Obstetrician

It’s time for the letter O in the A to Z Challenge. Things are shaping up nicely, I think. If you’re wondering about many of these characters, some of them are main characters from Journey to Ariadne and some will be major characters in the first full novel that takes place a few years after these brief stories.

The Obstetrician


New Athens

Twenty-sixth day, eleventh month, first year after colonisation, Ariadne Era (11/26/01 AE)

Placing the newborn baby on the scale, Doctor Teodora Stojanovic smiled. She was privileged to have delivered all four children born on Ariadne up to this day. This was the third girl.

Three thousand one hundred fifty-seven grams, forty-eight centimetres long, brown hair, blue eyes. Normal, healthy, and a loud voice. She wrapped the baby girl in a blanket and carried her to her mother.

“Patty, say hello to your daughter,” she said. She handed the baby to Patricia. Her husband Dan looked down on them with a peaceful smile.

“She’s beautiful,” said Patricia.

“She looks like you, Patty,” said Dan.

“She looks like a frog, but she’s still beautiful.”

“She’s healthy, normal weight and length. And thanks to Ariadne’s more Earth-like gravity, she’s not going to suffer from low bone density,” said Teodora.

“That’s definitely a good thing,” said Dan.

“Do you have a name?” asked the doctor.

Patricia looked at Dan and he nodded.

“We do.” Patricia whispered to the baby, “Hello, Solona. Welcome to your new adventure.”

“Interesting name,” said Teodora.

“It’s Greek,” said Dan. “It means wise.”

“We’ll need a lot of wisdom.” Teodora thought about the injured man in the entrance. Foolishness followed us here. We need our children to grow up wise.

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