Gotta Love Politics – Alberta Election

My home province of Alberta is having an election today. The Progressive Conservative government has screwed things up quite a bit, and Premier Jim Prentice is not trusted at all. Rachel Notley of the New Democratic Party seems to be the most popular party leader. This is a huge shift from 40 years of conservative control to a possible victory by the left leaning NDP.  Imagine what would happen if the NDP won.

Well, it seems we keep having people saying that the PC party should win because an NDP run government would go bankrupt. Well, the Conservatives have done an incredible job of spending almost all of the money and putting the province in a huge debt. So, it’s either NDP and have them “ruin everything” or PC and have them “ruin everything even more.” Heh. Gotta love politics.

I am very interested in seeing how this turns out.

4 thoughts on “Gotta Love Politics – Alberta Election”

  1. Ugh.. politics sicken me these days. I’m tired of the “vote for the lesser evil” mentality. And I can’t even watch the mud slinging… instead of telling us why we should vote for them they tell us why we shouldn’t vote for their opposition. Good luck Alberta!

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