Hello, Premier Rachel Notley

An NDP majority in Alberta is projected. Not what people expected. They were expecting a minority government for either NDP or PC. And it looks like the Wildrose Party will be the official opposition.

So, hello, Premier Rachel Notley!

Am I happy or disappointed?  Happy. Very happy that the Conservatives are out.

Imagine that, a traditionally conservative province is now going to be left leaning.  Wow.

8 thoughts on “Hello, Premier Rachel Notley”

  1. I thought of you last night when I saw coverage of the Alberta elections on The Rachel Maddow Show on MSNBC in the US. Apparently, some Alberta conservatives are threatening to move to Saskatchewan. I’m not sure they will follow through, though; Rachel was comparing it to US people who are unhappy with elected officials here and threaten to move to Canada, but they never seem to do so.

    1. People are overreacting, and they haven’t even given her a chance. From all the interviews and news I’ve seen, she’s planning on working with industry to increase jobs, not to drive it away. It’s amazing that people are threatening to move away. They’d quit their jobs and try to search for a new one?

      1. It’s not likely that they will actually follow through on their threat to leave. If all the US citizens who threatened to leave for Canada had actually done so, Canada would have a larger population than the US by now. 😉

        1. Probably. And anyway, Canada has strict limits, only allowing about 250,000 people to immigrate to Canada a year 🙂 The waiting list would be huge!

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