Festivals and Music in Fantasy and Science Fiction

On Tuesday, I was treated to this, a very cultural experience. Taiko drums.


A picture isn’t enough? Okay, here’s the video I took.

This was at an agricultural festival, but like many festivals in Japan, it had the staples: taiko drums, traditional dancing, and food stalls. It’s things like these that make Japanese festivals uniquely Japanese.

When developing a world for science fiction and fantasy, culture is very important. Festivals, food, music, dance, clothes, and holidays are all very important in creating a believable and realistic society. It’s something I really enjoy seeing when I read fantasy and science fiction novels.

Considering the books you’ve read, what cultural aspects stand out? Think of specific cases, like the feasts of A Song of Ice and Fire or the music of Lord of the Rings. I look forward to your answers.

2 thoughts on “Festivals and Music in Fantasy and Science Fiction”

  1. I’d love to comment but I’d just be talking about my own stuff again. 😡 Though I’ve been reading C.J. Cherryh’s Foreigner series, which talks a lot about atevi machimi plays — basically historical dramas — that are now widely broadcast because humans introduced the atevi to the concept of TV.

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