Life in Japan: A Return to Japan

Last week, we went to a festival and my daughter had the opportunity to meet Ultraman, who is a famous hero on TV.  We had no time, unfortunately, and ever since, she’s been asking when we can return to see Ultraman. That I have no answer to. But I do have an answer to my next question, which was asked by S. R. Carrillo.

Would you ever return? Or plan to – with your daughter?

Posing in front of Ultraman…but he’s so far away!

A return to live or a return to visit? Well, the answer to the first is that we don’t have plans to return to live with our daughter, but I’d be open to it after she’s grown up, most likely. Even so, there’s still a possibility we could return sometime to live in Japan. It’s just too difficult to say for now.

As for visiting, absolutely. We’d love to visit every year if possible. We have plans to visit a different part of Japan each time we come, and if we can spend a month or so during summer, that would be great.  Of course, it depends on work. If we had the money, we’d try having a house in Canada and a condo in Japan, possibly around Fujisawa or Yokohama. But that’s a dream, and we have no idea if it would be possible.

If you have any questions about living in Japan, please see the original post and leave your questions in the comments.


3 thoughts on “Life in Japan: A Return to Japan”

  1. I asked this one out of pure self-interest… you see, my family and I wanna travel back to Colombia, which would be my first time since I was 4 years old. I really wanna go back someday. I also have a friend who’s Ecuadorian and some other stuff, and she’s really looking forward to going back to Ecuador with her husband and kids. For people of mixed race – like me, my friend, your daughter – trips back home can really connect them to their heritage in a way that upbringing really can’t too much touch. I was just curious.

    Your plans sound amazing, though! A house in Canada and a condo in Japan – so fancy~. I think that’s a pretty realistic goal to try and achieve. Especially the trips at summer. I’m totally jealous. :]

    1. Realistic? Not so sure. I think I’d have to work pretty damn hard to get to that stage.

      I really want my daughter to feel a connection to her Japanese heritage, as well as Canadian. Tonight, I just kept watching videos of taiko drum performances on YouTube. She likes taiko, so I wonder if she’d want to play it.

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