Immigration Fun

We’re getting all the documents finished for my wife’s visa application for going to Canada. There’s a lot to fill out, but it’s all pretty much done. Just a few things to print out, including photos, and I need to get some photocopies certified at the Embassy next week. Then it’s all off to Citizenship and Immigration Canada!

Sorry about the lack of a significant post tonight.  Been busy.

I’m Not Who You Thought I Was

You see, I have been fooling all of you.  I am not really who you thought I was.  I’m actually a performer for a traveling circus. I am also a cactus farmer who enjoys playing the flute in caves.

Well, not really.  Actually, that’s all a lie. What I mean to say is that people often have preconceived ideas about who I am. My current self contradicts who I used to be long ago.  People change. It’s been twenty years since high school. Hard to believe. I still feel like I should be in my twenties. Even then, I was a different person. My twenty-eight year old self is closer to my present day self than I was to my eighteen year old self, though.  I think I changed the most in my twenties.

In high school, I was the science nerd. Now, I’m still a science nerd, but I don’t work in science.  I teach English and write.

In high school, I was skinny and obviously not athletic. Now, I’m still skinny, but I do a lot of walking and hiking.

In high school, I was pretty awkward and shy.  Now, I’m pretty confident, and I don’t care what people think about me.

In high school, I wouldn’t stand up for myself.  Now, I like to defuse situations before they blow up, but I’ll defend myself if I have to.

In high school, I wasn’t very outspoken about issues. Now, I frequently blog, talk, and post on Facebook about issues that mean a lot to me.

In high school, I hadn’t really gone through much, other than bullying (that was in junior high school).  Since then, I have witnessed a suicide, experienced the fourth largest recorded earthquake in history, and lost too many loved ones.

I’m a changed person in many ways, but deep down, I’m still the curious kid who likes to read encyclopedias.

How have you changed in your life?