I’m Not Who You Thought I Was

You see, I have been fooling all of you.  I am not really who you thought I was.  I’m actually a performer for a traveling circus. I am also a cactus farmer who enjoys playing the flute in caves.

Well, not really.  Actually, that’s all a lie. What I mean to say is that people often have preconceived ideas about who I am. My current self contradicts who I used to be long ago.  People change. It’s been twenty years since high school. Hard to believe. I still feel like I should be in my twenties. Even then, I was a different person. My twenty-eight year old self is closer to my present day self than I was to my eighteen year old self, though.  I think I changed the most in my twenties.

In high school, I was the science nerd. Now, I’m still a science nerd, but I don’t work in science.  I teach English and write.

In high school, I was skinny and obviously not athletic. Now, I’m still skinny, but I do a lot of walking and hiking.

In high school, I was pretty awkward and shy.  Now, I’m pretty confident, and I don’t care what people think about me.

In high school, I wouldn’t stand up for myself.  Now, I like to defuse situations before they blow up, but I’ll defend myself if I have to.

In high school, I wasn’t very outspoken about issues. Now, I frequently blog, talk, and post on Facebook about issues that mean a lot to me.

In high school, I hadn’t really gone through much, other than bullying (that was in junior high school).  Since then, I have witnessed a suicide, experienced the fourth largest recorded earthquake in history, and lost too many loved ones.

I’m a changed person in many ways, but deep down, I’m still the curious kid who likes to read encyclopedias.

How have you changed in your life?

21 thoughts on “I’m Not Who You Thought I Was”

  1. I knew there was something funny about you! Must have been the big round red nose you wore when we met in Yokohama. HA!
    Actually, now that you mention it, I was expecting you to be closer to eight feet tall… Those videos you made are very deceiving. 😉

    1. Absolutely. If it weren’t for everything that happened to me in my life, I wouldn’t be me. I’d be a different me, though still basically me.

  2. I love this post because this makes me wonder even more how life will change me. I think I’ve changed a lot during high school but I’m really curious what kind of ‘adult’ or mother I’m going to be 🙂

  3. I have changed so much since I finished high school (and that was in 2007), I even changed a lot since I turned 21, AND since i FINISHED university and siNCE I BECAME a MOHER (SORRy my daughter is playing with THE CAPS BUTTON (

      1. Well this was on my computer, she loves the Caps button. Oh and my iPhone is her great love, she always manages to turn on voice control and almost calls someone. Two days ago she even disabled it…

    1. I sometimes wonder what life would be like if I’d gone back in time to high school knowing what I know now and having my current personality. Things would certainly be different.

  4. I think what changed me most was becoming a mother. Raising my daughters, both of whom were born while I was in my twenties, has changed me more than anything else I have experienced.

    1. I think what changed me the most was working in a call centre. I had to develop a thick skin. Although going through university changed me a lot, too.

      1. I think if I had worked in a call center, rather than developing a thick skin, I would have dissolved into a puddle. 😉 College/university is transformational, too. In my case, I feel that I didn’t so much change as deepen and gain understanding of who I am.

        1. Talking on the phone irritated me, but I did that for 11 months, then got promoted to supervisor/team leader. That is what really helped me.

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