My Must Watch YouTube Channels

Other than book vloggers, there are a few YouTube channels I like to watch daily (or whenever they have a new video). I thought I’d share them with you.

Bad Lip Reading

Although updated irregularly, some of the music videos, The Walking Dead, and movie lip reading videos are hilarious.  My personal favourite is Morning Dew.


These brothers have gathered together various YouTubers, teenagers, kids, and seniors to do React videos.  Those are my favourites.  They also have a REACT channel dedicated to just that.

Improv Everywhere

This group does massive public pranks and experiments, including the No Pants Subway ride and the various musicals in public places. They’ve done a lot. Watching the reactions of people is pretty fun.

Screen Junkies

These guys are all about movies, basically. I love their Honest Trailers. They say what we’re all thinking, but would never be in an official trailer.  Quite funny stuff.


You may be wondering why I watch this channel. It’s all about what this guy records on his dashcam while driving in South Carolina. Well, South Carolina apparently has the worst drivers in the United States. He sees a lot of them. I have no idea why I’m entertained by his channel! He gives a lot of commentary while driving, too. Check it out and watch a video of Bad Drivers of South Carolina. And here’s a compilation of his favourite clips.

Geography Now

Finally, this has got to be my favourite channel right now. It’s a one of a kind channel. Paul Barbato is going through every country in the world in alphabetical order and making an approximately 10 minute video each, outlining various aspects of the country’s geography (physical, political, demographics, etc). Highly informative, educational, and entertaining. He has a good sense of humour. Love this channel!  Here’s his latest video about Belarus.

Now that you’ve seen some of my favourite YouTube channels, what are some of yours? Let me know in the comments below.

New Book! Free Book!

One of my regular participants in Authors Answer, H. Anthe Davis, has recently published her third novel, The Living Throne. And to celebrate, she’s giving away a little gift:

Book 1 of the War of Memory Cycle: The Light of Kerrindryr

I recommend you check this book out, The Light of Kerrindryr. It’s the first novel of The War of Memory Cycle, a fantasy series that I’m anxious to start reading myself. Best of all, it’s free for a few days, so I recommend getting it and reviewing it.

H. Anthe Davis is also big on worldbuilding.  This is something I love doing, as well. Her blog has a lot of worldbuilding posts and pages to explore. It’s all very fascinating.

Congratulations on the third book!