Who Do I See?

I’m on the train right now. It’s only a short ride. But who do I see?

A woman standing across from me looking at her iPhone with a Minnie Mouse cover. Two young girls about 6 and 8 years old are standing and wearing hats. A man is sitting and doing some kind of number puzzle I’ve never seen before. Next to him is a woman doing sudoku. There’s a man standing without holding onto anything while reading a book. Two men sitting next to each other are complete opposites, one is rather large and balding, the other is really small and has a full head of hair. A woman is standing nearby with a shirt that says “Manhattan Brooklyn New York.” The mother of the children I mentioned before is wearing a yellow Minnie Mouse t-shirt.

Any one of these people could have a fascinating story to tell. I wonder about each one.

Do you ever watch people and try to guess who they are or what they do?

12 thoughts on “Who Do I See?”

        1. Can’t leave mine at home. It’s the only way I have to communicate with others, and I don’t memorise phone numbers. Best thing to do is just put it away.

          1. Putting it away doesn’t really work for me.. I have nothing else to communicate with others either but we didn’t either back when we were little. Our parents made it work. 😛

            1. That’s true. But I can’t really be without my phone because I need it in case I get a call that my daughter’s been hurt or something like that. My company also would prefer I have it on me, too.

  1. Excellent observations. My wife and I both enjoy “people watching”. We notice what they wear – hats, clothes, shoes, accessories, etc. We notice how they move, how they stand, what they’re doing while moving or just standing. We sometimes make up brief bios about them as they pass… airports, malls and parks are grreat places.

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