Expanding Knowledge One Post at a Time

If you go to my Knowledge page, you’ll notice there are three series there.  In particular, I’d like you to check out Encyclopedia. I’m going to be changing this a bit.

Instead of calling it Encyclopedia Entries, I’m going to make separate pages for different topics. They’ll still be under the Encyclopedia heading, but have their own pages. I’ll be continuing with the Moon series, but place it under the Astronomy heading.  I’ll also be adding a heading for Geography, and I’m considering doing one for Palaeontology, focusing on dinosaurs, then other prehistoric animals.  And the great thing is, I’ll be doing all of them in alphabetic order. No choosing favourites, just going through them all in order.

The Moon series will still have basic information about each moon, an image, and five interesting facts.

The Geography series will go through every country in the world with a lot of facts. Mostly statistics, including extremes, major city populations, and other facts. I’ll also have images for the flag, as well as public domain images or those available through Creative Commons for cities and major landmarks.  After doing countries, I’ll do provinces, states, prefectures, etc.

The Palaeontology series will start with dinosaurs, which was a big passion of mine when I was a kid. I’ll discuss where they’re from, when they lived, their size, all the scientific classification, and an image, if available.

What are you interested in seeing? Anything above interest you, or is there something else you’d like to see?

Are You Multilingual?

I studied French from grade 4 until grade 11 in school.  I challenged the grade 12 French test in grade 11 and passed without studying.  So basically, I have credit for nine years of French education.  That was twenty years ago.

In university, I studied Japanese for one semester and learned how to read and write hiragana and katakana. I had some basic grammar, as well. That was in 1997.  In 2005, I moved to Japan, started studying Japanese, and passed the 3-kyuu Japanese Language Proficiency Test in 2008. I can speak Japanese at a survival level, but not great. Unfortunately, I’ve been spending most of my time speaking English, something I regret.

So, I’m fluent in English, can understand about 30-50% of what I read in French (forget about speaking), and can understand the topics of conversations in Japanese, and I can usually understand most of what is being said at work in Japanese.

My daughter speaks mostly Japanese, though understands English. She will be fully bilingual, plus she’ll be learning French in school in Canada.

How about you? Can you speak more than one language? Are you monolingual, bilingual, trilingual, or a polyglot? Or just fluent in one language with some ability in others? Let me know in the comments below.