Please Welcome the New Authors Answer Contributor

I’m very pleased to announce our newest member of Authors Answer.  Or should I say new members?

That’s right. They made it so difficult for me to choose, I just offered all three to join Authors Answer! They all bring something new and different to the group. So now we have twelve members, plus me.  So, who are they?

First is Allen Tiffany. He recently published his first novel, Youth in Asia, and has a lot of experience writing articles for magazines and a newspaper. He’s also working in the marketing field, which will bring an interesting view on any questions regarding marketing.

Second up is Eric Wood, who you may already know as frequent commenter stomperdad.  Although unpublished under his own name, he has been a ghost writer, and has written many short stories. He loves kids, is a teacher, and enjoys writing for children. So we finally have someone who is a children’s writer.

Finally, we have Gregory S. Close, who is a fantasy and science fiction author who has lived in many places. Just where the heck is Kwajalein Atoll? The editor of his book, In Siege of Daylight, just happens to be frequent commenter here, Thomas Weaver.

I’m very happy to welcome all three to the team, and you’ll begin to see their bios up later this week. You’ll also get to see their first answers this Friday.

Everyone say “Hi” to them!


8 thoughts on “Please Welcome the New Authors Answer Contributor”

  1. Although I’m immediately dubious of any group that would have me as a member, I’m even more excited for the chance to participate! 🙂 Thank you for having me.

    Note: Kwajalein is in the Marshall Islands, Micronesia, about half-way between Hawa’ii and Japan, give or take a few hundred nautical miles.

  2. Yay!

    Um… Hi, everyone. It’s cool that we now have an author of children’s fiction participating. And another author of military sci-fi. And this other guy, Greg, who writes epic fantasy or something. 🙂

  3. Hey all! Greetings from Austin, Texas. I’m excited to be on board and looking forward to some good conversations. I do have a background in marketing, and I am as keen to market well as I am to write well, so hopefully I can help in that regard.

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