The Search for Authentic Japanese Food in Canada

Living in Japan, I’ve enjoyed a lot of Japanese food.  Of course, it is authentic.  However, my family will be moving to Canada next year, and we’ll have cravings for Japanese food.  Real Japanese food.

There are a lot of Japanese restaurants in Edmonton, but are they truly authentic?  I can safely say that Edo Japan is not authentic. Doesn’t even seem Japanese to me. Japanese Village had two different menus last time I was there, a teppan menu and traditional menu.  The teppan menu was French and Japanese fusion with a lot of things that weren’t Japanese at all.  The traditional menu seems to be much more Japanese. But things seem to have changed since I was last there. And then there’s Izakaya Tomo. My wife and I looked at the menu, and we found that the owner is Japanese, and a lot of the menu is quite authentic.  We’re very interested in trying it out.

So, what I’ve decided to do is a little project where we eat at every Japanese restaurant in Edmonton, and anywhere else we go. We’ll check out the authenticity of the food, and I’ll write blog posts about each place.  I won’t only write about the authenticity, but also say whether the food is good or not.  That’s more important, I think, but for anyone who wants to try out truly Japanese cuisine, it’ll be a very useful resource.

7 thoughts on “The Search for Authentic Japanese Food in Canada”

  1. My brother likes to do that, too. Living in South Korea, he likes to eat at Korean restaurants when he comes home and compares them with what he eats over there.

    1. I can imagine there may be fewer Korean restaurants than Japanese. It’s like that in Edmonton, despite the fact that there are more Korean people than Japanese there. I guess it’s just that sushi is popular.

  2. Sounds excellent. Looking forward to your posts. I found a sushi bar in Sydney which I presume to be aurhentic based on the Japanese chefs annd the number of Japanese eating there – and very good it was too, far better than anything I’ve found in New Zealand. But not having been to Japan, I couldn’t say for sure…

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