Write, Rewrite

Looking through what I have done for Journey to Ariadne, I felt that part 6 isn’t feeling right.  I’ve written it, but I don’t like it.  I did a lot of thinking about how I want that part to go, and I think I like the changes.

Now all I have to do is rewrite that part.  Not much is changed, really.  However, the main part of the dialogue is going to be changed. There’s an argument, but the old way seems too artificial. I needed to rework everything about it. I thought about it while I was going to work, and a new idea started forming. I worked it out completely before I got to work. I have a good feeling about this. So, my next task is to write part 6 again.

In the meantime, I really should get to work on doing some critiques on Critique Circle so I can submit parts 4 and 5.

The Origin of Life Just Became a Little Clearer

When worldbuilding for a fictional planet around another star, eventually, I have to get to how life arises and evolves on that planet. I will get to that in a future worldbuilding post. But the question remains, how did life start?

It’s not easy to answer because we don’t really know yet. But thanks to the work of two scientists at the University of North Carolina, we’re closer to understanding how life started becoming more complex. You can read the full article here.

This research doesn’t necessarily give us the full picture of how RNA controlled the production of proteins in the earliest stages of life, but it gives us a start, and could lead to more studies on how this process happened.

What does this have to do with worldbuilding? Well, the question is, does this same process happen on another planet? Or does it happen through another process but with similar results? Or are there different nucleotides than the ones we have in our DNA? That’s one thing that makes creating fictional life interesting.

What do you think?