Establishing Atmosphere – A Challenge

Take a look at this picture. It’s in a park not far from where I live. It’s close to sunset, but it’s cloudy.


Here’s an informal challenge for you. Based on the picture, write a few sentences describing how a character sees, feels, and/or experiences this place. I’d like you to establish the atmosphere.

I look forward to your responses.


6 thoughts on “Establishing Atmosphere – A Challenge”

  1. Jane couldn’t see the encroaching honeysuckle but the aroma filled the warm spring, Kentucky evening. By the strength of sweetness in the air, the hedges along the walkway would soon be overrun. She focused on the lovely smell and nothing else. Especially not the sinking sun, the brick path leading into tree covered darkness, and definitely not slimy, hopping toads. Toads that competed for lovers, their cries filling the evening air. Jane cringed and walked faster, sure that at any moment her bare foot would land on one of the fornicating pairs.

      1. lol… I almost stepped on some randy toads when I went out my back door… the experience stays with you… lol… then I was giggling like a child and capturing it on film to show all I knew… yep… I have a pic of toad lovin

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