Learn Science and Geography with Quick Facts

As promised, I have begun the Encyclopedia Entries spinoff, now known as Quick Facts. I’ve created a new page for it, which you can see here. If this is your first time hearing about this, you’re probably wondering what Quick Facts is.

Quick Facts is a project of mine that started off as Encyclopedia Entries. I wanted to write about various topics and give quick and easy to read information.  I thought this wasn’t organised as well as it could have been, so I started Quick Facts. I will be focusing on different topics, mainly in science and geography.  At the moment, the only topic that has been started is Astronomy. I’ve also created a page for that, as I’ve been doing the moons of the solar system already. Check it out!

In the very near future (probably this week), I’ll be writing the pages for the other three topics I’ll be covering for now. They are:

  • Geography – I will be going through every country in the world with basic information concerning physical geography, statistics, and a few images. After the countries are finished, I’ll be doing Canadian provinces, American states, Japanese prefectures, and Australian states. After that, who knows? There are more countries with political divisions.
  • Palaeontology – I loved dinosaurs when I was a kid, so I’ll be going through all of the officially recognised dinosaurs in alphabetic order. After that, probably pterosaurs.
  • Space Exploration – This is something I’d announced earlier this year, but hadn’t started yet. I’ll be going through all of the space probes that have been launched to study worlds other than Earth. I’ll be doing them in chronological order, including failed probes.

There will be other topics in the future. One I’d like to cover is birds of North America.

While this blog discusses writing fiction, particularly science fiction and fantasy, I also have a strong desire to discuss education and science. As it is called I Read Encyclopedias for Fun, it makes sense that I talk about these topics. I love reading, and it’s not limited to speculative fiction. I love to read about science, geography, and history as well. I hope you enjoy these Quick Facts.

Is there another topic you’re interested in?

Good News and Bad News from Science

Plenty of science news lately. Interesting stuff going on right now, but not all of it is good.

New Horizons is approaching Pluto, and we now have colour movies! This is good news.

The sixth mass extinction has begun, scientists say. This is bad news.

The bright spots on Ceres continue to puzzle scientists, and a surprising mountain has been found there, too. This is good news.

One third of the world’s groundwater is in trouble. This is bad news.

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop will have a test track built by SpaceX, and there’s even going to be a design competition. This is good news.

Have any good or bad science news to share?