Writing Controversial Characters

Today, I did some work on Journey to Ariadne part six, and it’s mainly about a rather prominent character I’m introducing. She is somewhat controversial. She’s not just loud and opinionated, but she’s also not afraid to tell people they’re morally bankrupt. You see, this part of the story involves religion. But not just any religion, one that developed as an offshoot of Christianity in the late 21st century. One that becomes very controversial.

As I wrote it, I wondered if I’ve gone too far or if it’s too mild. I’ll see how it goes when it’s critiqued. I’m looking forward to that.

Just so you know, the religion doesn’t exist, but is a kind of extremely fundamentalist Christianity. It won’t play a major part in the story, but is important in establishing the character’s background.

So, who is interested in it?

Stop Wasting Time, Just Write

Now that I have all the Quick Facts pages up (go see them! Includes the first five items of each topic I’ll write about!), time to refocus my attention on something that really needs some attention. My writing.

I have to stop watching Youtube so much (although I have to make videos) and put my fingers on the keyboard and type away on Journey to Ariadne. Part six is mostly written, but needs to be revised heavily. I’m not satisfied with the way it turned out, so I want to take it at a different angle.  Maybe I can get it done before I go to work. But we’ll see.

So, I won’t take up any more of my time now. I’ll just go and write!