Immigrating to Canada Update!

Just a quick update. A very important one, too. The UCI for my wife’s visa application has arrived! This means that the application has been received, but it hasn’t started processing yet. It also means that we aren’t missing anything in the application. Processing will take several months. So now it’s just a waiting game.

To celebrate, we had McDonald’s for breakfast.  No, that’s not true. We got the McDonald’s before we found out about the UCI.

I haven’t mentioned before one thing about the difference between living in Japan and Canada for me. In Japan, I have a very specific visa that allows me to work in a handful of industries, including teaching English (which I do), international sales, translation, interpretation, and any other international services. This does not include writing. That’s under a totally different visa. While I’m in Japan, I cannot legally get paid for writing fiction. I may be able to get paid for writing for an English magazine or travel website based in Japan, but targeted toward foreign tourists coming to Japan, though. Something to think about over the next nine months.

14 thoughts on “Immigrating to Canada Update!”

  1. We’ve played that waiting game twice. Good to hear the application has been accepted. And have fun writing (and getting paid) to write for tourists. I think you’ve already started on you blog.

    1. We’re always taking pictures, so that part is covered. And considering we have a daughter together, she’s a very big piece of proof.

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