Excellent New Horizons Update

After the glitch on New Horizons on July 4th, we have some good news today. NASA has identified the problem and is correcting it. New Horizons will be back to normal on July 7th, and will resume science operations.

The problem was a rather unusual one. There was a problem with the timing in an operation that would only be done once during the flyby. The problem has been fixed, and will not affect anything now.

I can’t wait to see the closeup pictures of Pluto. There are so many artistic renditions of the surface, some showing colours such as orange, yellow, and black. The colour of Pluto is a kind of orange-beige colour from what we can tell so far, and there’s a lot of variation in brightness.  That makes it quite exciting knowing that it won’t be a boring world. It looks absolutely fascinating already.

I still can’t believe it. Next week, we’ll have a clear view of Pluto and Charon. Can you believe it?

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