Life Is a Story

After reading so much or watching so many movies or TV series, real life often seems ordinary and routine. But if you think about it, isn’t life like a story?

When I read, I’m always anticipating what’s going to happen next. I want to keep turning the pages and see what awaits me. I find it’s similar with world events. I’m waiting to see how things unfold, if they’ll get better or worse. Each of these is a story that gets intertwined with other stories making history just one giant story with an immense amount of subplots and story threads that look like an impossible tangle. It’s incredibly complex.

But what about our own personal lives? Everyone has their own stories, and while they usually don’t have an overall plot, there are hundreds or thousands of subplots. Everyone has multiple story arcs.

Do you ever think that way about the world or your own life?


5 thoughts on “Life Is a Story”

  1. I see stories in the world all the time. In fact, a lot of my writing inspiration comes from the real world, through people watching. People lead interesting lives, we just don’t see it all in passing. You have to pay attention to see it, and you have to really listen to what they say.

    1. Me too. I see story possibilities in many places, though usually in world events. It’s my surroundings where I find some character ideas.

  2. I actually do think of my life as a story. Pretty often. I will be having a conversation with someone and wonder how the author of my life is wording the actions. I wonder what words paint the picture of emotions. I wonder what gets glozed over, what doesn’t. I also sometimes think in terms of a movie. What angle would this scene be shot at, would there be a closeup here, etc.

    1. This is kind of strange, but back when I was in grade 3 (1985-86), I imagined my life as a video game. A first person POV video game, which hadn’t been made yet. Weird, huh?

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