Who Are You? – Reader Demographics

I have my WordPress stats, so I know where all of you are from. However, that’s all it tells me. I don’t know anything else about my readers, other than the ones who comment regularly. So, here are a few simple question for you to answer. First are the anonymous polls.  Don’t want to answer? Skip it. I can’t see who votes what, anyway.  After these polls are some more questions you can answer in the comments.


And now for the long answer section. Please answer in the comments.

Where are you from originally?

Where do you live now?

What’s your favourite book genre?

Do you like bacon, mint chocolate chip ice cream, or Marmite?

Do you have any questions for Authors Answer?

Do you have any questions for Life in Japan?

Thank you very much! I appreciate all the answers.

34 thoughts on “Who Are You? – Reader Demographics”

  1. I’m from the US, more? Originally from Virginia, have spent some time in Ohio, and Indiana. Now I’m back in Virginia.

    Favorite genre of book would probably be fantasy. Just going to throw Harry Potter out there lol, seeing how it is my favorite series.

    I like bacon. Mint chocolate chip is ok. And I’ve never tried Marmite. I don’t think I’ve even had the chance to try it.

    I don’t have any questions about life in Japan. Although I would be willing to trade your country for mine? No? The women then? No? Ok then 😛

      1. Hmmm, well until you mentioned it I had never heard of it. If I have it’s been a forgettable thing. And I’ve never heard anyone around me talk about it. But, I will have to see if I can feel bad it.

  2. Kentucky born and bred though I have taken vacations across the US from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Even spent a week hopping through about five countries in Europe. Even if the day comes that I move, Kentucky will always be in my blood.

    Bacon and mint chocolate chip ice cream are always delightful but not always on the menu. ;(

    spend most of my time working on edits or posting blog update about my current fantasy romance. Because fantasy romance rocks. Unless the book has a cowboy or two involved.

    I would love to hear anything anyone has to say about book promotions and what route work best for them. And a question for you … What is the most beautiful area you were able to visit in Japan?

    Happy wordage

    Tracey clark

  3. I’m from New Zealand. I do stuff like writing and publishing. Though I do have to ration my social media time, I try to visit your blog when you post. Your stuff is interesting and you seem to have similarly broad-ranging interests to mine.

  4. I am from German.
    I live in France. (your stats are probably flawed as I use the WP app on my phone…)
    I love reading biographies… but that’s not the only genre I love. But do I have a favourite? Don’t think so.
    I am not a fan of bacon, but mint chocolate chip ice-cream is great (but I don’t think that I had any in 10 years or so, so my taste might have changed), I don’t like marmite, but Vitam-R (I mentioned that before).
    I neither have questions for authors answers nor for life in Japan, at least not yet.

    1. Whenever I use the WP app on my phone, it doesn’t register any visits to my blog, because I don’t visit my blog 🙂 But if I use a web browser to check my blog, it does register as Japan.

  5. Where are you from originally? I am from Mobile, Alabama

    Where do you live now? I’m still there!

    What’s your favourite book genre? Mysteries 1st, Epic fantasy 2nd

    Do you like bacon, mint chocolate chip ice cream, or Marmite? I don’t know what Marmite is and the name scares me. I’m Southern, so I love bacon and put it on everything, including doughnuts. I also love Mint Chocolate chip ice cream

    Do you have any questions for Life in Japan? No, the country fascinates me and would love to visit. Of course, I don’t speak the language.

    1. You don’t need to speak the language to visit Japan. Lots of stuff is in English.

      Bacon on doughnuts? I’ll do my best Homer Simpson impression.

  6. I’m from Nova Scotia, Canada

    I still live in Nova Scotia, just not in the same town.

    My favorites books are in the horror and supernatural genres.

    Love bacon, LOVE mint-chocolate-chip ice cream; never tried Marmite.

    I actually did think of a question for Authors the other day: Would you ever consider writing in a genre outside your scope if you thought it would give you a better chance of exposure/financial gain.

    Can’t really think of any questions about Japan right now, but I’ll let you know if I come up with any. ^_^

  7. Where are you from originally? Texas! 😀 (Hence that pin I sent you – seen any good cities you’d like to visit?!)

    Where do you live now? Oklahoma. :[

    What’s your favourite book genre? Queer dark speculative lit?! I think. I don’t really have much of a favorite “genre.”

    Do you like bacon, mint chocolate chip ice cream, or Marmite? Bacon’s cool, but I’m particular about mine.

    Do you have any questions for Authors Answer? No, but I will let you know as soon as I think of one!

    Do you have any questions for Life in Japan? I had the first like five, I think I’m good haha.

    1. I checked out Roadtrippers. Hmm, looks interesting. I don’t know a huge amount about the coast of Texas, though my mom’s cousin lives in Austin, which isn’t near the coast.

      Also, the farm team of my hometown NHL team was in Oklahoma City. They’ve now moved to California.

      1. Wow, that’s awesome. I know it’s silly to actually think “there’s no place like home,” but I’ve kinda always felt that way. 😛 Austin is pretty awesome. I don’t like that Texas is so conservative and Republican. The bigger cities – like San Antonio and Houston – generally aren’t really like that, though.

        1. In Alberta, the small town people tend to be conservative, though the last provincial election showed that a lot of people were tired of the conservatives. Edmonton was completely social democratic (leftists), while Calgary was a mix of left and right. They’re traditionally conservative, while Edmonton is traditionally liberal.

  8. Originally from Monroe Bridge, Massachusetts, now from Vestal, New York.

    My favorite book genre is spiritual.

    Bacon is okay, I like mint chocolate chip ice cream a lot, and I have never had Marmite.

    I think I’ve caused quite enough trouble with asking questions already. 😉

  9. From Maryland. Genre is historical fiction and fantasy. Bacon is delicious, mint chocolate chip is my favorite and I’ve never had marmite but it sounds gross so I probably wouldn’t like it. What are the Japanese schools like?

  10. I’m originally from Kentucky (although I am NOT a Kentuckian and never was).

    I currently live in eastern New Mexico (you know, the state that many Texans don’t realize IS a state even though we’re right next to them). Specifically, I live in Portales.

    I can’t chose between science fiction and fantasy for my favorite genre, but since they’re more of a spectrum than an either/or thing, I don’t have to choose if I don’t want to.

    I like mint chocolate chip ice cream. I like bacon, too, but it doesn’t like me, so I eat turkey “bacon” instead.

    1. There’s a NEW Mexico, too? *gasp*

      Of course, I knew that. I like spelling Albuquerque. Would love to visit the state. I’ve never been to a true desert, and would like to see one.

      1. Albuquerque is beautiful, although it’s not all desert in that area — there’s a good bit of alpine-type forest just north of the city, up on the Sandias.

        THIS part of New Mexico is boring, landscape-wise: we’re on the western side of the Llano Estacado, literally the flattest part of the whole planet. On the other hand, there’s an important archaeological site (Blackwater Draw) just a few miles north of town, and famous sci-fi author Jack Williamson lived here in Portales most of his life.

  11. Mint choc, definitely! Fav genre would be chicklit but thrillers and historical fiction are up there too. Will read nearly any genre really – so long as the writing is good and the story grabs me.

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