Some Things I Hate

I don’t like the word hate, but it describes a feeling I have toward a few things pretty well. This post was inspired by Godless Cranium, who was in turn inspired by HarsH ReaLiTy.

  1. People who turn without using their turn signal. This applies to both when I’m driving behind them and when I’m walking across a crosswalk and I think they’re not turning.
  2. Old men who pick at their teeth and make loud smacking noises with their mouths while riding the train. It’s disgusting.  Stop it.
  3. No rain in the forecast, I don’t bring an umbrella, it rains. Also, rain in the forecast, I bring an umbrella, it doesn’t rain.
  4. Being told I’m doing something the wrong way, when I’d been taught to do it that way, and had seen many people do it the same way. More specifically, I was told I wrote the number 7 wrong by an HR manager a few years ago. She said I must cross the 7, but I told her that every teacher I’ve had in my life did not cross the 7. She said they were all wrong. I continued writing my 7s without crossing them.
  5. Having someone explain a scientific theory to me. A scientific theory that I studied in university and did plenty of research and laboratory work on. A scientific theory that person didn’t actually understand. They got so much wrong, and when I tried to correct them, they’d still claim they were right.
  6. Anti-vaxxers, conspiracy theorists, anti-GMO activists, climate change deniers, and religious fundamentalists who are so adamant about their position that they will not listen to any kind of reason while expecting reasonable people to accept their version of the world as truth without any questioning. Not going to happen!
  7. Stubbing my toe. In fact, I stubbed both little toes and dislocated them several years apart (1996 and 2012).
  8. Some of my favourite games being incompatible with Windows 8.1.
  9. World leaders who refuse to stop acting like little children, which is most of them.
  10. Being questioned about why I’m so quiet at a party. There must be something wrong. No, as an INTJ, that’s just my natural state at a party. My problem is being asked that over and over again.

I’ll stick with ten. There’s more. But this isn’t so bad for an optimistic person is it?

Got that Writing Feeling

Yesterday, I finished writing Journey to Ariadne part 6. I’m interested in seeing how it’s received when I put it up for critiquing, as well as when it’s up on my author site.  But parts 4 and 5 have to be up first! I’ll have all three parts critiqued at the same time, I think.

Finishing part 6 made me feel antsy. I wanted to start part 7. But there was a problem. I had to go to work. I enjoy my job, but sometimes I’ve got ideas running through my head, and I just want to get started on writing. I couldn’t. No privacy, no time. I can write blog posts right now, but I can’t write any fiction. I need a higher level of concentration for that. There are too any distractions around me at the moment. The TV is on and my daughter is drawing a picture while constantly talking to me. I get interrupted every minute. Not a good environment to write. But I really want to write right now.

I guess it’s writing blog posts for today. If you write, what do you do when there are too many distractions?