Got that Writing Feeling

Yesterday, I finished writing Journey to Ariadne part 6. I’m interested in seeing how it’s received when I put it up for critiquing, as well as when it’s up on my author site.  But parts 4 and 5 have to be up first! I’ll have all three parts critiqued at the same time, I think.

Finishing part 6 made me feel antsy. I wanted to start part 7. But there was a problem. I had to go to work. I enjoy my job, but sometimes I’ve got ideas running through my head, and I just want to get started on writing. I couldn’t. No privacy, no time. I can write blog posts right now, but I can’t write any fiction. I need a higher level of concentration for that. There are too any distractions around me at the moment. The TV is on and my daughter is drawing a picture while constantly talking to me. I get interrupted every minute. Not a good environment to write. But I really want to write right now.

I guess it’s writing blog posts for today. If you write, what do you do when there are too many distractions?

6 thoughts on “Got that Writing Feeling”

  1. I can’t write when there are distractions. Because I will be in the middle of a train of thought and someone starts talking to me, or the boys start arguing or a gazillion other things. I get up at 0500 and write until about 0630, then I have to get ready for work. But at least no one bothers me.

    1. My wife gets up that early, often to go jogging. I’m not a morning person, and I work late, so it’s not really feasible for me to get up early. I need to wind down after work, as well as eat dinner. Looking forward to having a job with regular daytime hours in Canada.

  2. I tune everything out. I don’t do it on purpose, though. I have shitty observation skills, so looking at what’s in front of me and only what’s there is pretty second nature. Especially if my music is playing. It’s like a cue to “think like a writer” and, often, “then get writing.”

  3. If I absolutely needed privacy/quiet for writing, I’m sure my housemate (my twin) would give me some quiet (not that he’s loud or anything) and let me write. I do that when HE needs quiet, after all. Keep the cats from bothering him and everything. (Doodlecat in particular KNOWS when there’s real work being done at a computer, and that’s when he’s most likely to want to stand in front of the monitor and nom the hands of the person trying to work.)

    There are a few advantages to not having a “real job” and hardly ever leaving the house… 🙂

    1. My daughter does the exact same thing. When I am working on something seriously, she decides she wants to stand in front of me, between me and the computer, while watching TV. And she fights when I try to move her, then cries when I put her beside me.

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