The Attack of the Canker Sore

I was about to go to bed nearly an hour ago when my daughter started crying. That’s unusual, because she normally sleeps through the night. I went to find out what the problem was, and it took about fifteen minutes of trying to get her to settle down for her to finally tell us she’s hungry. She wanted yoghurt. So, I got her some yoghurt and she had a little water. She was hungry. Now she’s asleep again.

What does this have to do with a canker sore? Well, at dinner time, she wasn’t very hungry. She kept saying something hurt in her mouth, so I checked. She had a canker sore. I think it’s her first ever, and I understand how it can make it difficult to eat done things. You see, she had ketchup. It’s acidic, so it bothered her. She didn’t eat much, but had two containers of yoghurt and nothing else. She didn’t want anything else. It wasn’t very much.

So fast forward to an hour ago, and she was hungry again. All because a canker sore wouldn’t let her eat much earlier. At least she fell asleep again. Time for me to, too.


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