Life in Japan: Beautiful Japan

Japan is often known for its big cities, pop culture, and history. But did you know Japan has a lot of beautiful scenery? This week’s question comes from tlclark.

What is the most beautiful area you were able to visit in Japan?

I may have mentioned in the past that I didn’t actually do a whole lot of traveling around Japan. However, I have been able to visit plenty of beautiful places in the Tokyo area. But the most beautiful area? That’s a difficult question. There are a few candidates.

You could say Mt. Fuji is beautiful. Yes, from a distance it is. However, when you’re on Mt. Fuji, it’s mostly red rock, and some garbage thanks to inconsiderate climbers.

You could say the Shonan beach area is beautiful. Well, it can be, but it’s incredibly crowded in summer, and it’s not exactly the cleanest place, either.

But you know, I’d have to say that the most beautiful area I’ve been is a city I lived in for four years, Kamakura. It has a lot of old architecture, mainly shrines and temples. And when I say old, I mean they are around 800-900 years old. There’s a temple with an amazing bamboo forest. There’s a huge shrine with beautiful ponds and architecture. But my favourite is Hasedera. It has a wonderful view of Kamakura, a beautiful garden, and some amazing buildings. This temple is nearly 1300 years old, and has a giant wooden Kannon statue, which is one of the largest wooden statues in Japan. It’s more than 9 metres tall, and is also nearly 1300 years old. You can see many photos here. But here are some of my own.

The main hall of Hasedera.
The main hall of Hasedera.
Zen rock garden at Hasedera.
Zen rock garden at Hasedera.

The view from Hasedera of Kamakura, Miura Peninsula and Sagami Bay.
The view from Hasedera of Kamakura, Miura Peninsula and Sagami Bay.

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14 thoughts on “Life in Japan: Beautiful Japan”

        1. Haha. We had a talk today about what to do. Kyoto came up, but the logistics are difficult with my wife’s working days, the costs involved, and how just two days isn’t enough. Maybe in a couple years, we can all take a trip back to Japan and stay in the Kyoto/Osaka area for a couple weeks.

    1. It’s better in person. But it is quite beautiful. You should see it in June, hydrangea blooming everywhere. And in April to May, it’s time for azalea.

      1. It’s always better in person! I have never been to Japan, but there is a temple in Hawai’i that was built as a replica of one in Japan. Besides the beauty of the temple and grounds, there was a profound sense of peace that can only be experienced in person.

        1. I’ve heard about that. It’s not just a replica, but it’s an actual branch of the shrine (I think it’s a shrine). I don’t remember which one, though.

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