The New Reader and Page Views

Some of you may have noticed that the WordPress Reader has changed again. This time, it gives you fewer options to view blog posts on the actual blog. This is a problem for those who run blogs and want to keep track of view and visitor stats. I know I do.

As a default, the Reader allows people to read the full blog post in the Reader. This does not count toward the views, so you never know if someone actually read it. Also, you may notice that a lot of short posts tend to have more likes than views. Why? They just liked it through the Reader.

Well, there’s a way you can force your readers to visit the post on your blog. What you want is this:

visitYou see where that red arrow is pointing? If that appears in the Reader, that means that you cannot read the full post in the Reader. Click on that link and you go directly to the blog post on the blog. This allows the blogger to have the views registered, and it also encourages the reader to explore the blog more, instead of just skimming through in the Reader.

So, how do you do it? Go into your Dashboard. If you’ve been using the newer interface, you need to go to My Sites, then click on WP Admin. This takes you to your Dashboard.  Then go down to the Settings option on the left-hand side. Hover your mouse over it and then click on Reading. You should see an option called For each article in a feed, show. Change it from Full text to Summary. This will force the Reader or any feed to only display the first few lines of your blog post, and require everyone to click on the link to your actual blog post.

Just one word of warning, on the My Sites page, there is a Settings option on the left-hand side.  That does not allow you to change many settings. You want the full version in WP Admin.

I hope you found this useful.


26 thoughts on “The New Reader and Page Views”

  1. Reblogged this on All In A Dad's Work and commented:
    Here is how to keep readers from reading your whole blog post through the “Reader” and help you better track your view count. You know, for scientific purposes (and to keep from getting more likes than views.

  2. No clue if you’d know this, but figured I’d ask. I’ve had it on that setting of seeing the summary on the reader since I started the blog, but lately I’ve been having the same issue of having less views than likes sometimes. Any idea if the new format caused that and how?

    1. I haven’t seen that happening to my blog. However, I do know that there are some people who just like, even if they don’t read it. Honestly, there isn’t a huge difference between the new reader and old reader. It’s mostly just cosmetic, but the new reader cuts out any link to the blog, unless you view the post in the reader, then click on the link to the blog. But since you use summary, that link to your blog post is prominently displayed, and there should be no problem. So, I’m not really sure why you’re getting more likes than views.

        1. It is possible. I have a daily photo blog that people just like from the reader because of the photo. They don’t actually visit the blog. So I may have no views, but 10 likes. It’s kind of annoying, but I have to accept that due to the nature of that blog.

    1. Not sure about each improvement being worse, but many are. Some aspects of the current stats I like better, but I preferred the format of the summary tables in the old version.

  3. This was helpful. I had already set it for the summary. I have found that since I subscribe to daily e-mails, the limitations of the reader are not there. If the blogger has it in summary mode, I can still click or just like. Since the bloggers I want to read come up as daily emails, I definitely do not miss them. Not sure I like this new reader yet.

    1. I’m kind of the opposite. I always rely on the reader, while rarely ever using email updates. I get far too many emails already, and they get lost.

      Glad this was helpful.

  4. [ Smiles ] Another surprise by WordPress and there is a high probability of they changing the way in which the WordPress Reader looks in the very near future.

    I would settle for Blogger.

    Do enjoy the rest of your day.

  5. I have avoided using a summary setting for my posts that go out by email, mainly to make it easier for my family members who subscribe to my posts by email but seldom visit my site. I am not a big stats person, but realize that I do have more readers than it seems. I also don’t know if the WP reader just had the first few lines of my post if anyone would click on it; my writing style might be better for skimming.

    Or maybe I’m still just jet lagged and not making sense….

    1. Hard to say. I usually just look at the title first, and if it draws my attention, then I click. The reader doesn’t show many lines at all now.

  6. Both a good advice and not. If you have bad connection, the blogsite will not upload or it will go very slow to reach the blog for reading the whole post. Big risk that I don’t read the whole post in those cases.

    1. A risk I’m willing to take. I’d rather have people view my posts as I intended them to. The reader’s display doesn’t show anything but the post. I want people to see everything around it, too (menus, links to other parts of the blog, etc). And anyway, if my blog is running slowly, it’s most likely because is running slowly, too 🙂

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