The Marvel and DC Movie Challenge

With all the comic book hero movies coming out, I thought I’d add a new challenge. I’d like to watch every Marvel and DC Comics movie ever made. I don’t mean any TV movies or direct to video movies. Only theatrical ones.

I have some favourites. I loved the first couple of Superman movies with Christopher Reeve. I also really liked Michael Keaton’s version of Batman. The first couple of X-Men movies were pretty good, too.

Growing up, I was always a DC superhero fan. I loved Superman and Batman, but I was also interested in others that joined the Justice League. But then, I also liked Marvel’s Spiderman, and watched the old cartoon a lot. I’ll be interested in seeing if I like Marvel or DC movies better. I should keep score.

What’s your favourite and least favourite superhero movie?

16 thoughts on “The Marvel and DC Movie Challenge”

  1. Unpopular opinion: I rather liked The Spirit. I wouldn’t call it my favorite, though; not sure I would rate any superhero movie as a favorite. Suppose my preference would lie with the first Avengers and/or the Thor movies, because I’m a Loki fangirl. Least favorite would be all the movies I haven’t watched because I hate the characters.

    1. I noticed The Spirit’s incredibly low rating on Rotten Tomatoes. 14% only. I haven’t seen it, though I’m curious about why it rates so low.

      1. It’s a weird movie. It took me about half an hour to ‘get’ it — figure out what it was trying to do narratively — and I’m pretty sure I mostly like it because I like media that teaches me something about the storytelling craft, even if that lesson is what NOT to do. I haven’t watched it in a while, so maybe my perspective will have changed, but there’s a cartoonish fight between functionally immortal (but not particularly superpowered) characters that I just find really interesting and relevant to my work.

  2. Favourite superhero movie is a tie between Spider-Man 2 and The Dark Knight; indeed, I’ve gone back and forth between Batman and Spider-Man as my favourite superhero in general. Least favourite is probably Elektra because it’s just so dull; even Batman & Robin or Catwoman are at least good for a laugh.

  3. Also, don’t miss Agents of SHIELD. Despite a slow start, it has become one of the best TV Shows around..
    I haven’t watched it yet, but I only heard good things about Daredevil.

    Personally, growing up in France, I grew up with Marvel and don’t know much about DC (it wasn’t published in France when I was a kid, and I never really got into it as an adult – well, The Invisibles and Sandman are probably my favorite comics and they were published by DC, but they’re not part of the DCverse).

    In terms of movies, I like the Supermans from the 70-80’s but I haven’t seen them as an adult, not sure I’d like them as much.

    I also like Burton’s Batman, but pretty much only those. Even if Nolan’s Batman is OK, I’m not a big fan either.

    The Iron Man movies are good, but I just don’t like the character.

    Thor is pretty good (I only saw the first one).

    I’m not too crazy about the first Captain America, but the second one is very good and I can’t wait for Civil War.

    I love Avengers, was a bit disappointed by Age of Ultron.

    Spider-man: I like the first two by Sam Raimi and that’s all.

    X-Men, I like the first one, love the second one, hate the third one.
    First Class is alright, Days of Future Past is awesome.

    I may have forgotten a few.

  4. The first Christopher Reeve Superman movie and Superman Returns are my favorite DC movies. I will admit I love Smallville. Sometimes, we will watch the old Linda Carter Wonder Woman TV show. I hope the new Wonder Woman movie will have substance without the foul language. My daughter loves WW and I really want to take her to see it.
    I’m more of a Marvel girl. I love all of the X-men movies, especially First Class and Days of Future Past. Not a fan of Spiderman. The Avengers 1 &2 were fun. The first Ironman was good, didn’t care for the other 2. I love the Captain America movies because my kids can watch it without worrying about bad language. Other than the soundtrack, didn’t care for Guardians of the Galaxy.
    Totally off question, Have you played the Marvel card game- Legendary? It’s awesome.

  5. That’s quite a challenge! The next time my job ends for a few months I might take up that challenge myself!

    I think my absolute favorite is the first Avengers movie, but part of that is because I’m a huge fan of Joss Whedon’s style of writing, and another reason is because Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth are all on my “list”, if you get my meaning. lol

    I love a ton of the movies though. The first Iron Man is one of my all-time favorites, and I loved the first of the Christian Bale Batman movies. Honestly, I could watch most of them over and over and over again. ^_^

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