Let’s Talk About Sports

Reading and writing seem like such inactive activities. Just sitting and reading or writing. But do any of you like to do sports?

These days, I enjoy hiking and walking long distance. I’ve walked 35 km in one day once, and many times between 10 and 15 km. That’s actually pretty normal for me now.

In the past, I’ve done a variety of sports. From 8 to 12 years old, I played hockey. My first year was as defence, while the other three years were at right wing. Around the end of elementary school, I started playing golf and skiing, as well. In grade nine, I joined the ski club at junior high school. I played a bit of volleyball, as well. But going into high school, I continued golfing, then mostly went on a break from pretty much any sport in university and after.

As for watching, I still enjoy watching hockey. I’m excited about Edmonton’s new arena downtown, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Edmonton Oilers play there starting next year. I also like watching the Olympics when I can. But while living in Japan, I developed a liking for sumo. I haven’t watched recently, but I followed many of the rikishi.

So how about you? Do you do or watch any sports?


6 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Sports”

  1. Umm – I was a swimmer in college. I don’t really watch any sports. I sometimes watch golf with my husband, but I usually end up falling asleep. I spend a lot of time in the garden hacking down stuff as it has become somewhat of a jungle – does that count?

  2. We work from home, so added to my writing time, I’m pretty much on my butt for most of the day…so that means we make it a point to go for walks and hit the YMCA gym every couple of days. And living in SF, We certainly do get a good workout navigating all the hills!
    As for watching? I’ve been an NFL fan since I was a kid and coming from New England, by law I have to follow the Pats. 😉

  3. I grew up playing sports. I always played soccer and bseball. In high school I started wrestling and skiing. I enjoy tennis and racquetball. I’m currently an avid runner and run 30+ a week.

    1. Ooh, wrestling, the thing I dreaded in PE class. But I was so good at having long arms and legs. My skill: having long arms and legs. That allowed my matches to end in a draw. They couldn’t turn me over if I laid flat on my stomach!

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