The Header

I thought it was time for a new header, and what better time to change it than this month with the amazing images we’ve been receiving from New Horizons. The header comes from this image:

tn-p_lorri_fullframe_colorIt’s the first clear full colour image of Pluto taken just before the flyby. It’s a historic image, so I thought it was appropriate.

I’ve been thinking I’ll change the header every so often, and once I get a good number of headers, I might make them random. So each visit you make will show you a random header image. What do you think?


Three-Year-Olds. Sigh.

It’s been one of those evenings. Parents will know what this is like.

I want a drink.

“Tea! Tea!”

Now I’ll swish it around in my mouth until I decide to open my mouth and let some of it dribble down my shirt.

Oh, they said stop. No, I think I’ll do it more.  No stopping.

Okay, okay, I’ll swallow it.

Let’s take another drink. Yay. I think I’ll swish it around again! I know what they said, I’ll do it anyway.

Stop? Nah. Okay, fine, I’ll swallow.

“I’m sorry.”

Oh look, Mommy’s shirt is on the sofa. I’ll pull it down.

Leave it there? No way, I’m pulling it down. I’m not listening to you.

Oh, you put it back. I’ll pull it down again! Haha!

No, I won’t stop. You can’t make me! Pull it down again! Yay!

Oh, they’re angry? Meh. I’ll do it again!

They really area angry.

“I’m sorry.”

I’ll pull it down again! Hahaha.

That was my daughter tonight. She decided that she was going to challenge every single request we made of her, ignore us until she was scolded, then say sorry. Then she did it again and again and again and again, etc. That’s life with a three-year-old.