So, a Typhoon Is Coming

On track for hitting the Tokyo area on the evening of July 26th or early morning July 27th, we have a typhoon. How fun.


Though Japan doesn’t normally use the names of typhoons, this one is named Halola. In Japan, it’s known as Typhoon Number 12. We just had a typhoon come through Japan last week, so this is pretty frequent for typhoons around here. Don’t really know what the strength will be like when it arrives, as it’s still five days away.

For me, typhoons are an interesting thing. I actually enjoy them, as long as they aren’t destructive. I wonder how many we’ll get this year.

I Need More Time

Ever feel like your entire day is work, then running around and doing things, never able to sit down? That’s kind of how I’ve been feeling recently. And once I finish one thing, then something else has to be done.

In fact, once I finish this blog post, I’m going to work. And when I get home tonight, I’ll have eating to do, then getting a bunch of stuff done around the apartment. But the thing I really need to catch up on is comments on this blog. I’m a little behind, so I apologise for that. But I’ll get caught up.

Life sometimes takes over. Just hoping I can take charge of life.