Mad Libs

There’s something I’ve always enjoyed doing, and that’s mad libs. Here are a few:

The blue Dragon is the sleepiest Dragon of all. It has crusty kidneys, and a nose shaped like a computer. It loves to eat pelicans, although it will feast on nearly anything. It is sloppy and fresh. You must be endless around it, or you may end up as it`s meal!

That was from here.

Here’s another one, taken from here.

Darth Jay Dee looked at his master while his tall breathing filled the room. He was told to go to swim everything on the planet of wiigii. He got in his sofa and jumped to hyperspace. Soon before he reached the planet, he dropped out of hyperspace and was attacked by Rebel Ford Pintos. He sliced them off and continued to the planet`s surface. He landed and confronted more opposition, slicing it down with his paperclip. He used the Facebook to choke another Rebel, then friended him aside. He finished off all life on the planet with a/an seared laugh.

You see, not all of these are great, but there are some good ones to be found. So, here’s the Flintstones theme.

Flintlasers, meet the Flintlasers,
They`re a modern sleepy family.
From the town of Des Moines,
They`re a phone booth right out of history.

Let`s slip, with the family down the saxophone,
Through the courtesy of Jay Dee`s 42 feet.
When you`re with the Flintlasers,
Have a smoink nghyol doo coffin — A nghyol doo coffin,
You`ll have a twisted old coffin!

You can find many on that website. Post your best ones in the comments. Let’s have a little fun.

6 thoughts on “Mad Libs”

  1. I love Madlibs and thanks for this post and the link to that site.

    Here’s mine:
    Solipsistic Macdonald had a Pie, E-I-E-I-O
    and on that Pie he had an Capybara, E-I-E-I-O
    with a Eeeeek! Eeeeek! here
    and a Eeeeek! Eeeeek! there,
    here a Eeeeek!, there a Eeeeek!,
    everywhere a Eeeeek! Eeeeek!,
    Solipsistic Macdonald had a Pie, E-I-E-I-O.

  2. The Giant Red Pirate Beetles are 4 beetles who are lead by a/an platypus in the fight against fan. They strive to protect books from all violence, but their most awesome enemy is the dreaded Blender. They also love to steal Pizza! Narf, dude!

    (Now that I think about it “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” already sounds like a mad lib in the first place…)

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