Hot! Really Hot!

At 9 am, it was already 30 degrees. At 11 am, it’s expected to be 35. And in the afternoon, it’s going up to 37. This is Celsius for those of you Americans, Burmese and Liberians who don’t use metric. And this is a humid heat.

37 degrees Celsius is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s body temperature. It’s not yet that temperature, but 30 degrees is making me sweat. With a temperature bearing our body temperature, it makes it more difficult for our bodies to lose heat and regulate our body temperature. It can be very uncomfortable.

What’s the hottest temperature you’ve experienced? How’s your weather today?

19 thoughts on “Hot! Really Hot!”

  1. We have about 15 C this morning after a big rain. It’s not usually this cold in the middle of our summer, but this year the summer is not so hot. Last year we had a really hot summer for Sweden temperatures.

    1. Sounds pretty cool. 15 sounds almost nice, but I don’t want it in summer. I can wait for that temperature, which will come around November here.

      1. We seems to have short summer this year. A few days warm weather only. Now it’s more like autumn, when it should be summer.

            1. At least you’ve got rain. Too many places without rain this summer, including my hometown in Canada. It’s been hot there and very dry.

            2. Yes, we should be thankful for the rain. But it’s difficult to get housepainting work done for an example. But the rain gives us berries and other good things to eat 🙂

            3. That’s true, on both painting and berries. By the way, I ate lingonberries at Ikea earlier this year. A bit tart, I think.

            4. They are sometimes, but I like them a lot. You should eat them with Swedish meatballs. Think IKEA might have them too sometimes. Not home made though.

            5. That’s how I had them. We went to IKEA to eat at the restaurant, and I ate so many Swedish meatballs. Delicious! It came with lingonberries.

    1. The entire summer here would be considered a heat wave there. The average is around 32-33 from late July to mid-September. It’s just the beginning of the hot period.

        1. Or how about central Canadian level, like Winnipeg? That’s the worst in the country, other than the Arctic. Whitehorse isn’t so bad, I’ve heard. It’s not far from the ocean.

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