Mixing Genres

I’ve read some of the Temeraire series by Naomi Novik. That’s historical fiction mixed with fantasy. I’ve read a lot of the Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. That’s science fiction with an element of fantasy. And currently, I’m reading the Night’s Dawn trilogy by Peter F. Hamilton. That’s science fiction with a heavy dose of paranormal. There are some genres that are a mix, such as steampunk (historical and science fiction). Sometimes it’s interesting seeing how genres can mix.

Of course, romance can be mixed with anything. So can comedy. How about western horror? How about children’s adventure dystopia? How about romantic thriller self-help?

What are some genre mixes you’d like to read? Any you recommend reading?

7 thoughts on “Mixing Genres”

  1. I’ve seen some Western/Fantasy and Western/Fairytale mashups recently. And Kate Griffin’s Magicals Anonymous series is kind of urban fantasy/self-help, in that the various magical characters got together initially as a support group…

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