Unexpected Hobbies

Over the years, I’ve gained new hobbies while old ones faded away. Some have stuck with me for a very long time. I still love playing computer games, watching cartoons, and although I haven’t done it in a long time, I’m still interested in model airplanes and cars. But there are some hobbies I never thought I’d get into.

About six years ago, when I started getting serious about photography, I also developed a liking for long distance walking. The longest I’ve walked is thirty-five kilometres in one day, and I usually walk around fifteen these days. I was never interested in that kind of exercise before, but I find I can relax mentally when I do it.

The next two I haven’t started, but I can see myself doing in the near future. Ten years ago, I’d have thought is never do them. The first is wine tasting. I’ve developed an interest in tasting wine, but I don’t think it’ll be serious. When I was younger, I didn’t like wine for some reason. Probably just drank the wrong wine.

The other is gardening. This kind of runs in my family, so maybe it was inevitable. I’d like to grow some vegetables and flowers, but is like to make and take care of a Japanese style garden. They would be quite the task, but I think I’d start small just to make sure I enjoy it.

Are there any hobbies you started that you would never have thought you’d do when you were younger?

16 thoughts on “Unexpected Hobbies”

    1. I’d love to, but the problem is it’s so hot these days. I’d just end up sweating and feeling uncomfortable. It’ll be another couple of months or so until I can do it comfortably.

  1. When I was a kid, classical music bored the hell out of me (unless it was quoted in Looney Tunes cartoons, of course). Now? My wife and I go to the symphony multiple times a year. Who knew? :p

  2. Lately I’ve gotten into learning how to properly apply makeup, which would have been the absolute last thing on my mind when I was younger. I’ve also become a crazy YouTube lady, which I never would have guessed I’d have the courage for only five years ago.

    Some hobbies that have followed me through the ages? Video games, reading, and geeky collectibles, to name a few. ^_^

    1. I can’t imagine myself going crazy on YouTube. I’m still too self-conscious in front of a camera to sound even remotely interesting. Took me a while to get to the point I’m at in teaching English, too. At first, I was serious, and always trying to be correct. Now, I’m always trying to be interesting and push for interesting conversations. I can be a bit silly.

      1. I think most teachers have that period of trying to be serious, but it all dissolves eventually. XD
        I was pretty nervous on YouTube at first as well. Strangely what makes me the most self-conscious is if I think my husband can hear me while I’m filming. Total strangers watching my video? No problem at all, but if J can hear me during the recording process it wigs me out!

        1. I always stop if someone walks near me, and start all over again when the coast is clear. I have so many false starts. If someone I know was around, they’d be laughing. That’s why I don’t want to do it around my family.

          1. Ha ha ha, yeah, I can feel you on that one. When I first started doing my unboxing videos my husband kept sneaking upstairs and trying to catch me in the process, so I’d end up stopping for, like, a half hour at a time until he got bored and went away. lol

  3. You had asked previously about places in the US to visit. If you get into wine-tasting, you should definitely visit the Finger Lakes region in New York. Lots of great wineries and lots of beautiful places for walking – waterfalls, gorges, and such.

      1. I don’t drink wine, but love the beauty of the Finger Lakes. I also love the small towns with great artists, artisans, and restaurants. I also have the advantage that it is just a short drive away for me.

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