Month in Review – July 2015

July had so much promise in the beginning, but it ended up being disappointing. Lots of views in the first week, but the rest of the month was sluggish and a bit quieter. July last year was similar. I’m guessing it has something to do with people going out more and spending less time on the internet. Well, I did meet one milestone. The month ended with 1,001 followers, up by 36.

July Stats

July started on a high, then fluctuated through the middle of the month, then ended with several days below 100 views, finally redeeming itself on the 31st. Only 11 out of 31 days reached 100 views, and it had this year’s worst views per day stat. Only 93. The busiest day was July 4th with 132 views. There were 2,892 views in July, meaning it’s the 10th consecutive month above 2,000. The total views at the end of July were 47,708. There were 68 posts in July, bringing it to a total of 1,187.

The month ended with 7,979 comments, with 660 coming in July. That was one of the only stats to be good. In fact, it tied for the best month for comments.

The top 10 countries were:

  1. United States (1,680 views)
  2. Canada (307 views)
  3. United Kingdom (211 views)
  4. Japan (172 views)
  5. Australia (54 views)
  6. India (47 views)
  7. France (30 views)
  8. Germany (24 views)
  9. Philippines (21 views)
  10. Netherlands (20 views)

Top Posts

The top 5 posts made in July were similar to June. Authors Answer continues to perform well. The posts were:

  1. Authors Answer 36 – Writing About Sex (67 views)
  2. The New Reader and Page Views (64 views)
  3. Some Things I Hate (56 views)
  4. Who Are You? – Reader Demographics (55 views)
  5. Authors Answer 35 – Movie Tie-In Novels (54 views)

My most popular post written before July was, yet again, INTJ – An Analysis of My Personality with 253 views. This is down from last month.

Here are some posts that I think you should read. They’re good, and deserve more comments and views!


Absolutely none. I’m almost finished a book, an incredibly long book. That’s why it’s been taking me so long to finish the next book.

Social Media

On Twitter, I have 2,744 followers, which is an increase of 39.  I follow 2,720, which is up by 53. I finished with 7,248 tweets, with 158 coming in July.

On YouTube, I uploaded no videos in July.  I have 38 subscribers, which is the same as the last month.  The month ended with 8,088 views, which is a small increase of 133. I’ll be making a lot more videos coming soon with content about Japan.

Looking Ahead to August

I’m looking for stats to rebound this month, as it did last year. This is the month I hope to get more videos going. And of course, a review should be coming.

Writing will continue if I can endure the heat. I need to get some critiquing done, and I should be able to post Journey to Ariadne parts 4-6. I really don’t expect a lot of writing before moving to Canada, but that’s next year.

As far as blogging plans go, I want to get the Geography Quick Facts started up, and of course, continue with Authors Answer and Astronomy Quick Facts. And worldbuilding! I must write some more worldbuilding posts.

I’m very interested in seeing how August unfolds. Look forward to some great content!


6 thoughts on “Month in Review – July 2015”

        1. I checked for the past four years in July. In 2012, there were 512 views (this was during a post a day month). In 2013, there were only 192. In 2014, 1,505 views. And this year, 2,892.

          My best month is January this year, with 3,698. Compare that to the entire year of 2013: 4,375.

          In the first 7 months of this year, I have nearly as many views as I did in the first 3 years combined. I think the main thing is to post often and to follow blogs you like, and they will likely follow you back. And comment often on other blogs. That’s something I need to work on myself.

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