Windows 10 – How Is It?

I’ve decided to delay upgrading to Windows 10. I have the option of doing it now, but I do have a year to install it. So, how is Windows 10 going now?

My wife has installed it, and I’ve heard nothing bad about it. It looks a lot more like Windows 7, which I absolutely loved. I’d still be using it if my old computer’s hard drive hadn’t failed. Windows 8.1 still gives me issues. I am looking forward to using Windows 10, but I’m not installing it yet.

Why? Well, I want to make sure that the major bugs are gone from the operating system. That’ll take some time. I’d like to install an OS that’s more stable and with fewer problems, so I’ll probably wait until around April to upgrade, once we’re in Canada.

Has anyone upgraded to Windows 10? How is it?


14 thoughts on “Windows 10 – How Is It?”

    1. I’ll be delaying definitely, since I’ve heard that Windows 10 is recording everything that the user does. I’m hoping there will be some changes in upcoming updates so that it has these features defaulting to off, rather than on.

  1. I’ve upgraded my laptop and haven’t had any problems so far. MS Word works just the same, which is definitely a good thing for me. I do like that they made good on fixing the major complaint of the Start menu — it’s back, and basically looks like they took the menu screen of 8.1 and pasted a small version of it there instead, so you’re no longer toggling between screens.

    The only issue I have is that IE’s replacement browser, MS Edge, is a little spotty now and again, and I lost my IE favorites in the process, but I’m not too worried about it. I’m sure it’ll get better soon enough.

    For obvious reasons, I’m going to wait on upgrading my PC until after I finish this major final edit of my current project. 😉

    1. I don’t have to worry about MS Edge. I haven’t used IE in years, so I have no bookmarks (sorry, favorites) to speak of.

      Have you checked out the data logging that Windows 10 is defaulted to? It logs everything you do, kind of like spyware. A lot of people are upset by this.

      1. I’ve heard a bit about it, but I’m not going to worry too much, considering I can just go in and change the settings. I always take a roll-out with a pinch of expectation that something was overlooked (lord knows I’ve been involved in enough of them in various jobs!), and will be patched toot sweet.

  2. I’m delaying installation, too. I’ve also heard privacy (not security) concerns. The Users Agreement allows Microsoft to use all data you collect. Marketing your use data is one thing, but they can track what you do and how you do it … and share it with third parties.

    1. Most likely they strip the data that would identify the user, but it does seem rather intrusive. I’m hoping a future update will change the default to maintain privacy. There is a way to change it, but there’s a lot to change.

  3. I don’t have any Windows systems at the moment, although my husband, who works in IT, is advising our daughters to wait to upgrade their systems until after the kinks are worked out. It seems lots of people agree with your wait-a-while approach.

    1. And there’s one major kink that people are worried about. It collects data about what the user does and sends it back to Microsoft. Privacy concerns, of course.

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