Star Trek Favourites

A lot of people debate amongst other fans of Star Trek about their favourites. Sometimes, they can be so passionate that arguments start. So, if any passionate fans want to disagree with me, go ahead!

Here are some of my favourites from Star Trek.

Favourite Star Trek Series

Star Trek: The Next Generation. This was the one I grew up watching, and it’s always been my favourite. It also has other favourites, but that’s for later in this post.

Honourable Mention: Deep Space Nine

Favourite Captain

Definitely Jean-Luc Picard. Great Captain, great actor.

Honourable Mention: Jonathan Archer. Just because we share the same last name. Nah, I just find him likeable.

Favourite Enterprise

Enterprise D. Luxury, holodecks, incredible size. Also, powerful. I have the technical manual, so I know it better than the others, as well.

Honourable Mention: Original refit Enterprise or Enterprise A. I love the classic movie design.

Favourite Original Cast Movie

Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home. It’s just plain funny, and the one I enjoyed re-watching so many times.

Honourable Mention: Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. It’s a classic and has some of the greatest moments in Star Trek.

Favourite Next Generation Movie

Star Trek: First Contact. You can’t beat this Next Gen movie. Great action, the Borg, and Zephram Cochrane.

Honourable Mention: This is so difficult to decide, but probably an unpopular choice… Star Trek Generations. Picard and Kirk together.

Favourite Science Officer

Data! Although he’s not technically a science officer, he’s about the closest you get in Next Generation.

Honourable Mention: Spock. What’s great is that he and Data met.

Favourite Doctor

Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy. He’s always been my favourite with his catch phrases.

Honourable Mention: Doctor Julian Bashir. Not sure exactly why, but I just liked him.

Favourite Chief Engineer

Lt. Commander Geordie LaForge. Maybe it’s because I watched a lot of Reading Rainbow. I just liked the actor.

Honourable Mention: Commander Montgomery Scott. I met James Doohan! He’s actually very close behind LaForge.

Favourite Timeline

The original one containing all the TV series and the non-Abrams movies.

Honourable Mention: Mirror Universe. I guess you could call it an alternate timeline. The reboot movies are an actual alternate timeline, but I’m not a big fan of them. I don’t know, they just don’t feel right.

How about you? What are your favourites?

Diversity in Fiction

You often hear complaints about the lack of diversity in lead roles in Hollywood movies, that it’s too white. Yes, I agree. Though African-Americans are gaining more lead roles these days, so it’s getting better. There are very few Asians, Native Americans, and Middle Eastern people who have lead roles, though. But I think we have to make sure we aren’t making movies, TV series, and books diverse just for the sake of being diverse. They need to be appropriate.

I once saw someone arguing that Disney movies were all white princesses. Since when? Mulan is Chinese, Pocahontas is Native American, Tiana is black, and Jasmine is Arabian. I’ve heard there should be black people in Frozen. Why? The story takes place in Scandinavia during a time when there were likely no black people in Scandinavia. It would be historically inaccurate (not that these stories portray historic accuracy), but also, I have to wonder if Hans Christian Andersen ever even met a black person. Maybe he did, I don’t know. You’re unlikely to have a samurai movie with an Australian aboriginal. You’re unlikely to have a cowboy movie with an Inuit. You’re unlikely to have an Aztec story with a Russian. I like stories that are appropriately well-cast.

But this isn’t just about ethnic groups. There’s also gender equality, gay and lesbian, and age considerations. Why are so many animated stories about kids who are great warriors? That seems rather unlikely.

In Journey to Ariadne, I do have a diverse cast of characters. The leader of the project is a middle-aged Brazilian man. His second in command is a middle-aged Japanese woman. In fact, a lot of the characters are middle-aged, but there are younger ones coming up in future parts. One of the main scientists is Jordanian. There’s an Italian, a French man, a German, and so on. In the A to Z Challenge I did in April, I wrote brief stories that took place after the colonisation of Ariadne. It was also a very diverse cast.

In my first novel, the main character will be a teenage girl who has to deal with the adult government. Maybe it’s kind of a coming-of-age story, but that’s not the point. Only in this book is she a teenager. In future ones, she’ll be an adult, and she won’t always be the lead character. However, the ages will be appropriate to the kind of stories I’m writing. The target audience isn’t necessarily teenagers. I’m not trying to be a YA author. My intended target is adults, though teenagers are fine, too. I will be working with a variety of ages, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and genders. Not because I want to have diversity, but because it is appropriate for the world that they live in. A colony in another solar system would likely be an international effort, and that’s what’s reflected on Ariadne, as well as Mars.

But then, my solar system series of novella-length stories really has just one character and a few minor characters. The protagonist is an older man who is fighting a terminal illness. It just seemed appropriate.

I don’t try to be politically correct in my writing. I’d rather reflect reality. How do you feel about diversity in fiction, movies, and TV?