Political Debates – Some Kind of Bizarre Reality Show

In both the US and Canada, there were a couple of political debates that could help decide the fate of a few politicians.

In Canada, we had the first political debate consisting of four of the five main political leaders (Bloc Quebecois seemed to be absent, not that they’re popular anymore). I didn’t watch it, but I had the impression that Trudeau liked to tell Harper that he was always wrong. The Conservative Party’s falling behind the NDP. Bye bye, Stephen. It seems that Mulcair has become the focus of several memes, using his humourous expressions caught on camera. And May was the apparent winner from what many people have said. Not that the Green Party will win any election. At the end, all of the leaders declared themselves the winner. Huh?

In the US, we had the Republican debate to help determine the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party. Now this was definitely a reality TV show. Again, I didn’t watch it. But it sounds like Donald Trump was being The Donald, as usual. In other words, insulting, misogynistic, and just an all around idiot. He’s out of touch with reality. He’s out of touch with everything. If he becomes the Republican Presidential candidate and wins the election and beats whoever beats Hillary Clinton (if she loses), then the United States has become a circus. No, it should become another reality show. Why not just slice the US up into little pieces, because there’d probably be civil war? It’s not just Trump, it seems the entire group of Republic candidates is full of religious fundamentalists who have no better things to do than try to tell people how they’re supposed to live, tell scientists they’re incorrect about evolution and climate change, and basically want the US to regress back to the time of the ice age. The Republicans are a train wreck. Next year’s election will be interesting, that’s for sure.

Canada’s election later this year is important. It actually seems sane, and is quite likely to completely change the face of politics in the federal government. The American election just seems like the audition part of the X-Factor, America’s Got Talent, or American Idol filled with rejects.

Are you looking forward to the elections?

12 thoughts on “Political Debates – Some Kind of Bizarre Reality Show”

  1. The 2012 run wasn’t this ridiculous, but I found myself unable to watch because I had a vested dislike in Romney on a personal level–he was the Governor of the state I grew up in, and did a shit job at it (read: anything west of Metro Boston is woods and therefore doesn’t get any money). I got nervous enough that I just couldn’t stomach it until they called it for Obama.

    Here’s to hoping most of these comedians are long gone before the main event. I don’t think I can handle another night like that.

    1. Yeah. I know how you feel. The last election in Canada, I was hoping for the Conservatives to be defeated, but when they came back with a stronger majority government, I couldn’t believe it. That was after the Prime Minister was found in contempt of parliament. He constantly broke the rules, yet still won the election. Things should be different in two months.

  2. I am truly frightened by the prospect of any of the current crop of Republican candidates being elected president, with Trump being the scariest. I am interested in the Democratic field. I especially like Bernie Sanders, who comes closest to my views of any candidate. It will be even more interesting if Joe Biden enters the race. That being said, the election process in the US is months too long; there is a perpetual campaign with almost no governing happening.

    1. I’m starting to hear good things about Bernie Sanders. I’d never heard of him before, actually.

      From Canada, we seem to think the American election process is like a giant popularity contest. Or at least that’s how I feel.

      1. Bernie Sanders, although he is running for the Democratic party nomination, is actually an Independent Senator from Vermont. In another country, he would probably be a democratic socialist, but the US doesn’t have a party organized around those principles. He is the most progressive candidate in the race.

        The US election process is a mess. I was just reading this piece in Rolling Stone, which does not pull any punches on the Republican presidential candidates. http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/inside-the-gop-clown-car-20150812

        1. I have to wonder if the Republicans would label him as communist. Anything remotely left leaning seems to draw that label in the US, from what I often hear.

          1. The Republicans are too busy sniping at each other and Hillary Clinton to bother with Bernie Sanders. Sanders is definitely drawing the biggest crowds, though. A lot of voters are sick of the oligarchy where a few big donors and corporations get their way at the expense of services for ordinary citizens.

            1. Well, Canada has its share of electoral idiocy. The ruling Conservative party did some things illegally and even had one of their ridings’ results invalidated because of robo-calling. That is not allowed. The New York Times had a good article recently about Stephen Harper and why he should not be re-elected.

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