The Universe Is Dying and I’m Doing Fine

I read this article on the Huffington Post today, and thought I’d tell you all the good news. The Universe is dying! It has passed its peak, and is on its way down, slowly becoming dimmer and dimmer.

Of course, it’s not exactly going to affect us. The Earth still has a long time left in its life, though the sun will be too bright for life to survive in a few hundred million years. And in about five billion years, the sun will swallow the Earth and shrink down to a white dwarf. Still, the Universe will be there, even though we likely won’t. We won’t see the end of the Universe. Apparently, the Universe will just get dark and cold filled with husks of stars and planets, no longer radiating heat or light.

I feel fine about this. How about you?

8 thoughts on “The Universe Is Dying and I’m Doing Fine”

  1. Guess I better get to work on finding a way to solidify my autobiography (after I write, of course) so that anyone/anything who comes along after the Universe is reborn can read about what happened here in this one. Or perhaps NASA needs to find alternate universes to live in instead of alternate planets?

  2. I don’t think the universe will die, it’ll change, shift position, or become a altered state. Kind of like us humans. New theories suggest our consciousness moves to a new state, a multiverse, something completely different from matter-based limitations of our corporeal biology. Enjoy following your blog, Jay. Keep ’em coming.

    1. I know there’s a lot of discussion these days about other universes, which could explain the strange behaviour of quantum mechanics. Physicists are seriously trying to find evidence for this.

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