What’s wrong with getting an eBook for nothing?

Whenever you download and read a free eBook, you should write a review. That’s what I do. Any time I’ve read a free eBook, I post a review on here and on Goodreads (and I should on Amazon). In the future, if they have the book available in print through Createspace, I do plan to buy it. I’m a book collector, and I love my books.

When I publish my books, I will likely set a reasonable price, say around $3.99, which is pretty common. Will I do free promotional giveaways? Unlikely. I’ll do promotional discounts, though. Most likely about $0.99 for a limited time. From what I’ve read, free eBooks usually aren’t read, but people who see a cheap deal and pay for it, will likely read it and quite possibly leave a review. At least that’s what I would hope.

Anyway, read the full post and comment there.

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Everything, that’s what!!!

The fact that today’s readers of eBooks demand it must be free or on offer as part of an all you can read for x number of dollars per month package deal, is just so wrong!

Face it people, when you go to your supermarket to get your groceries, or to any other retail outlet you care to name, do you get what you want for nothing? No of course not. So why should you expect to get a book for free? I’ve heard some people claim it should be free because an eBook isn’t a real book, only an electronic file. Good grief morons, try engaging your brains for once in your lives! These same idiots argue that they should be able to download their favourite music for free as well. I have just two words on that subject – Taylor Swift!!!

Thanks to Amazon belabouring…

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6 thoughts on “What’s wrong with getting an eBook for nothing?”

  1. What if the free book turns out to be really, really terrible? I mean one that’s OBJECTIVELY bad, not just one that isn’t to your particular tastes in narrative voice or amount of action or whatever. Would you still write a review of it (and be honest about why you hated the book), or would you say nothing to avoid hurting the author’s feelings (and chance of sales, should they decide to start charging for the book)?

    1. Well…I have reviewed a book that was absolutely horrible with scientific accuracy. And I mean it showed a complete lack of any kind of research. However, I did mention that for anyone who doesn’t care about that, it should be a simple, fun action-packed novel. But I checked the reviews of the book, and it is low-rated and many very negative reviews.

      1. I have been told it’s flat-out WRONG to give a book a low rating because of bad writing mechanics: ‘reders dont care about that, only grammar nazis. ur a hater! u just wish you would have write a book yourself…’ And it’s even more wrong to give a low rating to a book you got for free, apparently. *shakes head*

        As the saying goes, this is why we can’t have nice things.

        1. Yup. I’ve read professionally edited and traditionally published books with glaring mistakes. One book had a chapter header that said “Chaper.” I couldn’t understand how that could be missed. It was in such big letters on the page.

          Anyway, I would give low ratings if the book has a poorly done story, stereotypical characters, predictable situations, etc. The book I read had narration that was written almost entirely in slang and figures of speech.

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