This Guy’s Been to Every Country in the World

Lee Abbamonte is an American who has traveled to every country in the world. But he’s also the youngest American who’s done so. He’s only 36 years old.

Well, I found out that he’s visited my hometown of Edmonton, and did a very nice write-up about it.

It’s amazing to be able to travel like that. I’d love to travel, and see as many countries as possible.

So, how many countries have you been to? I’ve only been to three: Canada, Japan, and the United States.

A Remote Adventure

One reason I love reading fantasy and science fiction is the possibility of exploration in remote or unknown places. So the thought of being in a remote place is appealing.

I haven’t really been anywhere remote. Maybe the most remote is North Dakota. The towns and cities are small, and the nearest large city is quite a distance away. But that’s not exactly remote, is it?

Or how about the top of Mt Fuji? It’s too near Tokyo to be remote, but on the top of the mountain, the feeling of being on the frontier was there. Except it was crowded. And I was next to three cell phone antennas.

How about you? What’s the most remote place you’ve been? A place where few people live, and signs of civilisation are limited. Let me know in the comments.