Change of Weather, Change of Feelings

Although it’s still summer, the air has changed. Around mid-August, the winds change to being cooler, relieving us of the oppressive heat. It’s still hot and humid, but at least the wind is no longer hot. People’s feelings become lighter and going out isn’t as difficult.

For me, I’m finding that this change has coincided with a change in my online attitude. I’m feeling energised. I want to work on YouTube videos. I want to get involved in new things, such as Reddit, as well as start organising Pinterest more effectively. I guess you could say I’m feeling even more social online.

As far as YouTube goes, I’m planning on making a lot of videos of places I visit while my sister is here. But also when I visit different places with my family or myself.

On Reddit, I want to get involved in discussions in the writing, fantasy, and science fiction sections.

On Pinterest, I want to create new boards and categorise my posts more effectively, as well as pin other people’s pins. That should draw more people to my boards.

There are other things I want to do, but these are the most immediate.

Anyone feeling motivated lately?


6 thoughts on “Change of Weather, Change of Feelings”

  1. I have actually been posting every day, which is unusual for me since the excitement around my 500 followers. It is getting more difficult because this week is a complicated one, as we move our daughter from her summer internship back to grad school. A lot of my energy is heading there at the moment.

    1. I get into those moods where the posts flow out of my mind easily, then there are days when I struggle to figure out what to say. But I have to meet my 2 post a day target, which I set for myself at the beginning of the year. Next year will be different, as we’ll be moving to Canada and will be busy for a lot of March and April.

        1. Well, until my cell phone is disconnected, I can update through it, though I couldn’t reply to comments very quickly. I may fall far behind in those, and not be able to recover. WordPress only shows so many comments in notifications.

          1. I don’t have a smartphone, so I am oblivious to what that looks like. You do generate quite a few comments, although if you aren’t posting very often, there won’t be nearly as many comments with which to deal. Maybe you can sneak a bit of blogging into moments of having public wifi access, if that is available in the areas you will be.

            1. I plan to blog when I can. Public wifi in Japan can be spotty at best. But my wife’s parents have it at home, my sister’s house has it. No time at the airport, though.

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