Talking to Authors

Many readers would love to talk to their favourite authors. With the internet, it’s quite possible to have that chance. But it depends on the author, as well. Some are very open to talking to their readers and easy to contact. However, others are quite busy and not at all easy to get in touch with. Some have other people handle their correspondence.

I’ve spoken with a couple authors who are well-known or relatively well-known within their genres. One is Alastair Reynolds. He wrote the Revelation Space series. The other is Michael J. Sullivan. He wrote the Riyria series (and is still writing in that series). Michael has contributed on this blog, as well. There are many others I would like to talk to, and maybe I will in the future.

Which authors have you spoken to (in person or by email is fine), and who would you like to talk to? Let me know in the comments!


6 thoughts on “Talking to Authors”

  1. Once for a school project after reading Karen Hesse’s “The Music of Dolphins” I wrote a letter to her with some interview questions. I don’t remember what the questions or her answers were, but I remember being happy she responded and it being a pleasant return letter. I think I was one of few in my class who got a reply.

    Many years later, I discovered Goodreads and found Brian Francis Slattery was on there. I’d just read “Lost Everything,” and saw a journal entry he wrote about his process while writing that book. I commented on that, and he responded with thanks.

    1. That’s great you got responses. Back in the snail mail days, it must have been exciting to get a letter back. It’s so easy to respond these days on the internet.

  2. I met Kate Elliott in person in 2006 during LACon, where I’d told her I absolutely adored her worldbuilding and that it had inspired my own. Soon after my wife and I got to talking online with her, and we’ve been acquaintances since. 🙂

    Another is Judith Tarr…she offers editing and beta-reading services every now and again, which I’ve utilized a few times in the past (including ADoS). She’s quite a lovely person to work and talk with.

    1. That’s wonderful. I’d love to meet some authors in person and talk with them. I keep seeing Kate Elliott’s name recently. I see she was a finalist for a Nebula Award once.

      I’m going to have to check out both authors.

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