The Immigration Process Moves Forward

As you may know, my family is moving to Canada next year, and I’ve applied to sponsor my wife for permanent residency under the family class visa. Nearly two months ago, we received the notification that the application package had been received in Mississauga. Today, we received another email.

Good news! I have qualified to sponsor my wife for the visa! That was the quick part of the process.  Now, the visa application goes to Manila, where they will process the visa. This can take several months, or it may not take so long. It’s up to the officer handling her case.

So, that is my update. It’s just a waiting game now.

6 thoughts on “The Immigration Process Moves Forward”

  1. Important for me to follow this, since we’ll be doing it ourselves next year! Thanks for the updates. 🙂

  2. Have fun waiting! I think my application process to come to Canada took six and half months from the time we sent the application to the day we found out it was completed.

  3. Oh man I know what that is like. We have a saying in the Army (possibly even military-wide) that goes, “Hurry up and wait.” Sounds like you’re going through a lot of that with this process.

    Best of wishes it doesn’t take too long. ^_^

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