Obstacles in the Immigration Process

Well, it was bound to happen. We have our first problem with the immigration process.

We received an email today from the Manila office today. I guess that’s the good news. They got the application package. And they looked through it quickly. And they immediately told us they most likely would not approve it because they don’t believe I’ll be living in Canada.

When we applied in the beginning, they needed proof that I would live in Canada when the permanent residency began. Of course, permanent residency starts the moment my wife receives the visa while we’re in Canada, or the moment she arrives in Canada after receiving the visa. So, in either case, they need proof that I’ll be going to Canada with her or before her. They have that in the form of a rental agreement for where we’ll be living.  I guess that’s not enough. But, fear not, we do have something else. Proof of my flight to Canada! We have 45 days to get it to them in Manila, and once that’s done, they will resume processing the application.

I’m not terribly worried. This is just a little setback that can be quickly resolved.

12 thoughts on “Obstacles in the Immigration Process”

  1. What a weird request. Guess they don’t assume anything. Glad it’s easily resolved with the plane ticket. I don’t remember that request to my wife when she sponsored me to move to Canada. We were living in Virginia at the time and were planning to drive up in a Uhaul and stay with her parents until we found a place of our own. So we had no evidence that she would be coming with me. Good luck with the rest of it!

    1. Apparently, it’s a common request. They have my rental agreement and my current contract, but they don’t think I’ll quit my job. I have to send them a letter from my company stating that I will not be working beyond March.

  2. It’s amazing the nonsense they make you go through. Be grateful that you’re not going to the States, I guess…I hear it can be an extraordinarily lengthy process that often ends in tears.

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