Give Some Love to the Oxford Comma

The Oxford comma, such a controversial little punctuation mark. Why do people hate you so much? You’re very important. You help avoid awkward situations.

I love my two sons, baseball and TV.

I’d like you to meet my parents, Justin Bieber and Carrot Top.

I really like to eat sandwiches, octopus and chocolate.

I’d like to thank my sisters, Kanye West and Bob Saget.

I couldn’t have graduated high school without the help of my teachers, my dog and Robin Williams.

I went golfing with my dad, a sumo wrestler and a drag queen.

I had dinner with the Harlem Globetrotter members, Colin Mochrie and Lady Gaga.

So please, use the Oxford comma, so that I don’t have sons named baseball and TV. So that my parents are not Justin Bieber and Carrot Top. So that I’m not eating octopus and chocolate sandwiches. So that Kanye West and Bob Saget haven’t had a sex change so that they’re my sisters. So that my dog and Robin Williams weren’t my teachers. So that my dad isn’t a sumo wrestler and drag queen. So that Colin Mochrie and Lady Gaga didn’t join the Harlem Globetrotters. It’s just awkward.

24 thoughts on “Give Some Love to the Oxford Comma”

  1. I’ve never quite understood why people refuse to use the Oxford comma. In fact, once back in the fourth grade, I actually got scolded by a teacher for using “too many” commas, and scolded even more so when I argued with her. Mind you, this was the same teacher who told me that periods always belong at the end of dialog.
    example: “This is such a stupid argument.” she said.
    I was an avid reader so I knew that in this such case it was supposed to be a comma, but she actually argued with me about it and took marks off my book report for it. >.<

    1. A teacher who didn’t know how to properly use punctuation? Wow. A couple times, I’ve had teachers who didn’t know something, so they asked me (biology and computer science).

      1. Yes, indeedy. The Pacific Northwest is where most of the world’s Oxford commas are grown. Harvest is upon us right now. It goes: peaches, apples, blackberries, Oxford commas, pumpkin spice lattes.

        We have the best, darkest, clearest, most robust Oxford commas available right here in Oregon. With such an embarrassment of riches, you’d think more of the locals would use the damned things.

    1. Well, that’s not exactly the Oxford comma there 🙂 But yeah, we don’t want to forget any commas!

      I like cooking my pets and my children.
      I like cooking, my pets, and my children.

  2. I used to think I was opposed to the Oxford comma because I learned of its use by way of lists (I drink, shrink, and think), but it would appear that I pretty much live by it.

    I learned that when combining two complete sentences with a conjunction, a comma always precedes the conjunction, and therefore, I’m a supposed supporter of the Oxford comma, apparently. ^_^

    1. I see what you did there with that last sentence, and I also see what you did with the first sentence, because it has a conjunction, too, and I’m making this sentence unnecessarily long.

  3. I love the Oxford comma! Admittedly, I only learned that it was called that a few years ago. When I studied grammar, its use was just taken for granted as one of the proper ways to use commas.

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