But That’s Not My Name

My name is not very common. Jay Dee Archer.  Well, there is an American who’s been in trouble with the law, but I think his name is hyphenated.  But aside from him, I don’t think you’ll find anyone with the same name as me.

It seems everyone gets my name wrong when they first meet me.  In elementary school, I always had to correct the teacher. It’s not Jay, it’s Jay Dee. This continued all through junior high school and high school.

Then I come to Japan. I’ve been called Dee Jay, Joy, Jamie, Joy Dee, you name it.  Many thought Dee was my last name.  As a foreigner in Japan, it’s also not easy to convey the pronunciation of my name to others.  Typed out in Japanese, it’s アーチャー ジェイディー, or Archer Jay Dee.  But today, I went to get my annual health checkup done, and they had my name as アーチャー ジェイビー, or Archer Jay Bee. They kept calling me Jay Bee.

But I guess my name is unique enough to attract some attention. Think it’s good for an author’s name? Or do I need a pen name?

Does anyone get your name wrong?


41 thoughts on “But That’s Not My Name”

  1. I’m the only on fb with my full name… And they write my last name wrong in so many ways you can’t even comprehend some of them. 😛

    Funny thing, I’ve been calling you Jay Dee in my head all along. 😮 Not sure about using it as a pen name though.. You wouldn’t be anonymous.

  2. Oh, no one messes up Winter much. My first name though gets butchered at work. Right along with my last name.

    As far as pen names, I am in favor of them. Just in case. I have a few myself and no one but my very few friends call me Winter instead calling me by my first name. I’m not very anony. If someone I work with comes across Winter Bayne, they’d know it was me. The others are much better.

    Poor West though. We aren’t married but everyone assumes we are and they keep tacking my last name on to him.

  3. I think your name works fine as an author name; no need for a pen name. ^_^
    I rarely ever had people get my name wrong (occasionally they’d call me Tracey Lynn when I just go by Tracey), but my entire life people have been spelling my name wrong. People have just never been able to get it into their heads that there’s an ‘e’ in Tracey, and they’d get all defensive when I got mad at them for spelling it as Tracy.
    Today I saw that my daughter is probably going to go through the same frustration. When we brought her in for her first day of grade primary everywhere where her name was written had it spelled with a single ‘n’ instead of the two that are actually in there. But don’t worry, it didn’t take her long to correct the teacher and get it fixed. lol

    1. It really makes me wonder if they even looked at the student file to see how your daughter’s name was spelled. Or they just assumed?

      I have to wonder about my daughter. She has a name that doesn’t fit normal English pronunciation at all. It’s a Japanese name, and even my own mother can’t get it right.

      1. What the teacher told me was that she received paperwork from the office with both spellings on it so she just picked one and figured we’d let her know if it was wrong. That just makes me wonder though, which genius went through my daughter’s registration forms and decided to write the name right on some of the paperwork and wrong on the rest? >.>

        It probably won’t go easily, but I’m sure your daughter will manage. ^_^ It may not be a “normal” English name, but there are so many “unique” names out there these days that lots of kids have the same problem even if they’re tenth generation Canadian. My cousin is a teacher and she had this one student whose name SOUNDS like “Absidy”, but guess how it’s spelled? Abcde. No, seriously.

        1. That is strange that they’d put two spellings on the paperwork, even though they have the correct spelling from the registration forms.

          I’ve seen strange names in one job doing data entry. I’ve seen middle names like Kinky. I’ve seen a James Bond. I’ve seen twin girls with the same first and last names, but their middle names were Alpha and Omega.

  4. Strangers always put an h in my first name…and it never ceases to amaze me how many people are boggled by how to pronounce my last name, which really isn’t that hard to say. I think they see the “chai”, think about the drink, and mangle it accordingly. :p

  5. I like unusual names, both my girls have unique names. I think it may help in writing. An unusual name is easier to remember. Can you imagine if you were John Smith. Try looking that up at the library or Amazon! My name is always being misspelled, especially when they hear the middle name. My parents switched the first letter of each. I still have relatives that spell it wrong.

    1. I thought that about my sons name. Unique. Now it seems I hear it most days, and usually when another parent is telling of another young boy.

  6. I usually get called Crystal. In fact, I had a teacher argue with me about it once in middle school – that was a fun experience. He actually called the office to ‘prove me wrong’ … Uh. Hello? It’s my name. I’ve been Crystin my entire life – I don’t go by nicknames, and I won’t use a pen name either. I think it’s interesting and unusual – that’s enough for me.

    Of course, when I tell others my name, it’s ALWAYS spelled wrong. Half the time, they spell it wrong even when I do it for them – everyone always wants to put an ‘h’ after the ‘c’.

    1. How can a teacher argue with you about your name? That’s ridiculous. My daughter has a Japanese name, but an English family name. So I wonder how many people will argue with her that her parents are trying to be trendy by giving her a Japanese name. It helps that her mother is Japanese, was born in Japan, and is a Japanese citizen.

          1. I don’t know – I never saw the roll sheet. I just remember (and thought it was hilarious) that he tried to argue with me. When it came time to prove who was right, I won. Naturally. It is my name.

  7. Haha! I’m guilty of thinking your name was Jay. Some people like to spell out their whole name, you know? I’ll get it right from now on.

    I do think it is a pretty striking name. “Archer” alone has a memorable quality to it, and your first names are simple, hard to forget, but unique. I don’t think there’d be any reason to go the nom de plume route. Although, if you did, what might you consider? Classic initial combination or a different name altogether?

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