Blog Spotlight – lindaghill | Life in progress

Linda G. Hill is the only blogger/author I have actually met in person. And so her blog is next! She actually has two blogs, one is a more general one that includes a lot of writing, while the other one is completely dedicated to her writing. I’ll be doing her more general blog, lindaghill | Life in progress.

lindaghillAt first glance, you can see a neutral background with a very nice header image that makes you feel like you want to walk around that neighbourhood.  You can see that she talks about several topics.

The menu at the top contains the usual About Me, but also Boy Series – One Through…, Life, Parenting, Poetry, and On Writing. You can see most of it is about writing.

The About Me page gives you a brief bio, photo, and some links to social media and her fiction writing blog…and 402 comments!

The Boy Series menu option takes you to her fiction writing blog, and part one of a series called One Poor Boy.

The other menu options, Life, Parenting, Poetry, and On Writing, take you to the category pages for those topics. She is, of course, a parent, so you can read about that, as well as life in general. And finally, you can read some of her poetry and writing topics.

Her fiction blog, inspiration in progress, focuses more on her writing. She recently completed a full year of writing a scene every day. You can read her post about this accomplishment here.

So go on over and take a look at both blogs. There’s a lot to read, and I’m sure you won’t get bored.

Personal message to Linda

Linda, thanks for being a big supporter of mine, and of course, for taking part in Authors Answer. I look forward to more of your comments, posts, and answers in the future. Also, enjoy your trip to Japan!

15 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight – lindaghill | Life in progress”

  1. Thanks so much, Jay! I really appreciate your support and this fantastic insight to what my blogs are all about. I hope we can meet again in November – two Canadians in Japan, eh? 😀

      1. I still have no idea what I’m doing this time around, other than the fact that I need to be near Shibuya for the 25th and 26th of November. I may come back to Kamakura… Any suggestions are welcome! 🙂

            1. I’ve been there many times, though it’s quite far from where I live. About all I can do is maybe go to Yokohama on a Tuesday or Wednesday. It’s difficult for me to go many places.

            2. Oh sorry, I was talking about places for me to stay, not for us to meet. I’m happy to meet where ever is most convenient for you – I’m there to wander around anyway. 🙂

            3. Ah, ok! Well, I should be able to meet you in Yamato (city in Kanagawa) on a Wednesday or in Shonandai (in Fujisawa) or Futamatagawa (in Yokohama) on a Tuesday.

  2. Two of my favorite things about Linda’s Life in Progress blog are her One-Liner Wednesdays and Stream of Consciousness Saturdays series. Everyone is invited to join in the fun. Give it a try!

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